new adsl modem

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new adsl modem

Post by zorelina » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:57

How do i set up a new bigpond adsl modem? I got given a new adsl modem from a friend, and when I plugged it in all the lights turned green accept for the internet light. The internet actually works but doesnt work at my house. Its a bigpond 2-wire modem 2071-A im already connected to bigpond and already had one but now i have a new one, how do i get it to work?
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Re: new adsl modem

Post by joeoden » Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:30

I also have a 2Wire 2071-A modem supplied by bigpond with a Netcomm NB504 wireless router (not supplied by bigpond) connected to my home network

You will have to Configure Modem to Connect

The assumption is bigpond Australia (you most likely know that bigpond support will not give you any help if you mention that you are running Linux)

If you are with bigpond Australia then you should look at ... aqid=14645

The above link is for Windows XP so start at Step 6 (assumption is you have it all plugged in) and replace the wording Internet Explorer with your browser name and then follow the rest of the instructions

Do with only one computer first, once modem is connected and working then connect the rest of your machines

I tried the instructions with my system just to see if I could access the modem pages while I had the telephone cable disconnected from the modem and found internet was slow with time outs when I reconnected telephone cable, had to switch modem and router off, shut down all computers on my network (lucky I only had 2 connected) then switch modem and router back on and restart all computers
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