Boot & install problem

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Boot & install problem

Post by sprint955 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 18:11


I have a strange problem here, i tried to install an older Sabayon the 3.3 32 bit version on an extra HD (because i like the colors an the theme)
But during boot it is already going wrong after the screen "kernel is loading, casper loading" the screen goes black and that is it the dvd stops after a while but does not boot any further.

Now i have installed this distro earlier on this pc without problems....

I also tried to install this 3.3 version on an older pc with an ide dvd rewriter, and everything went i took out that dvd rewriter and put it in the first pc wich had an sata dvd rewriter but same problem it stops with a black screen...

Also tried with the sabayon 3.4 f same problem, but works on the older pc...

problem pc is gigabyte mobo ps3 , intel 6850, 4 GB ram at 1066 mhz, nvidia gts 8800 320 mb.

Cd -rw distro's don't give any problem

Any body any solution


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Re: Boot & install problem

Post by wolfden » Fri Jan 08, 2010 18:26

We can't support Operating Systems that old, please download the latest version.