What are ftp and p2p under /home for?

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What are ftp and p2p under /home for?

Post by y-man » Wed Jan 06, 2010 17:19


My first post in SL forums. Fresh install of 5.1r1.

I searched but could not find information about /home/ftp and /home/p2p.

What is the purpose of their existence? How one uses them?
If not interested in their function --whatever it is--, can one delete them without problems?


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Re: What are ftp and p2p under /home for?

Post by Stupot » Wed Jan 06, 2010 19:25

/home/ftp is used as the default for an ftp server, if I recall correctly.

I assume that /home/p2p is probably in the same sort of scenario. Assuming you never use the ftp server or change the ftp server settings, you should be able to remove the folder without harm (or at the very least, only screwing up something dealing with the ftp server).

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