dhcpcd fails for wireless link after update

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dhcpcd fails for wireless link after update

Post by lngndvs » Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:09

For a while, I have happily been able to log in easily to my local wireless network. I was even able to log on easily with WPA authorization/encryption! That was a good shock.

Now I am unable to get past the dhcpcd invocation on a completely open wireless network, with no wep and no wpa. I have gotten snagged before, and later it worked after two or three tries. Now it won't work at all, not with the included network manager, and not with kwifimanager. Nothing. I cannot do it manually. dhcpcd hangs.

I have upgraded some packages. After installing some packages, only a few days after a new distribution was installed, the gentoo "emerge -pv -uDv world" command tells me I need nearly a GB of downloads. This brings up some problems/questions. I did run the command overnight, and downloaded all files, but wasn't able to complete the process. Some packages were updated, some were not.

In particular, I noticed an update to baselayout.

Somehow, whatever the cause, this system is now useless for wireless, and I cannot connect and update other packages.

This begs the question: is sabayon a reasonable way to approach an installation of gentoo, when a user wants a functional desktop, but also has lots of plans and needs to install many packages. The flags are quite a complicated piece of work, in make.conf. Is my expectation too great, or is sabayon too complex to try to use as a general install?

Thank you for any answers, and your patience in reading .

Alan Davis

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Post by cvill64 » Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:50

you did an emerge world, which is highly suggested against unless you know what you're doing, and probably update config files that you shouldn't have

SabayonLinux is pure gentoo, all we do is have it preconfigured so you can use it, we're just giving users a chance at installing gentoo from a "stage 4" idea of things

Don't fix it if it ain't broke ;)

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