Why doesn't support widescreens at first try?

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Re: Why doesn't support widescreens at first try?

Post by phoenix_art » Sat Dec 26, 2009 23:06

PGHammer wrote:I have the ACER H233H, aand have widescreen support (in every application, and at boot) right from the jump (both booting from the liveDVD, and after install). This is with the 5.1-GAMING version (which is, unfortunately, not available in x64).

The default resolution for the display is 1920x1080 (NI, of course); however, I don't have enough *graphics card* to run all my games that tall. (Graphics card is HIS AMD HD3450 in 256 MB DDR2 PCIe trim, with the fan.)

Thats information still doesn't solve my problem.... -> ''For example all versions of Ubuntu can detect the correct settings and boot from liveCD."

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