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Post by Delifisek » Thu Dec 24, 2009 22:38

Hello everyone,

I'm using Linux since 1996, after 1999 it was my main desktop too. In 2005 I move Debian then use Kubuntu as Main Desktop.

Last 2 years My Linux experience became pain. Sluggish responses, Dual Desktop, ATI problems. I nearly end up to migrate myself into Windows. Today my Kubuntu 9.10 blows again (I try to run Dual Desktop again. It blows and I can't fix it). Then I try to search help and someone in Ubuntu forums say something about Sabayon . After some search I learn it was Gentoo based (I had gentoo experience too and it was 2002). Then I try to give chance.

Before the installing Sabayon, I constantly blame to KDE team, and ATI for my problems. I never realize to it was a Distro problem.

Installation was very easy. Or easy as Ubuntu. After installation it was work and work like Hell. Damn, I nearly forgot what Linux run like...

So far, I'm very satisfied.

It was damn fast than Kubuntu 9.10 on same hardware.
Some unresponse/non worked Firefox extensions was working without any problem (as a Web developer those extensions was so important for my product quality).
Dual Monitors (with differend resolution) working with no problem.

Many thanks It was very nice distro. I hope to use as my main os.


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