Not able to mount drives, HAL issues

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Not able to mount drives, HAL issues

Post by larsa-std » Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:37

Hello all,

After the latest update of HAL (yesterday I think it was), I am not able to mount any drives automatically (external and Win drives). I am presented with the message from HAL that it is an unknown error and "iscallerprivileged hal".

Reading through some messages from Gentoo/Ubuntu forums it seems like there are more of us with this error. I tried restarting hald as per instruction, but then X are shutdown as well and I end up in terminal mode with some strange keyboard layout, and not able to guess my way through all the letters to start X again.. And restarting hald after every reboot does not sound like a real solution either..

Anyone have any potential solution, or guidelines for how I should proceed to rectify?
Sabayon 5.0
HAL is version 0.5.13-r3, the newest available in Sulfur.. With Emerge I am able to find HAL 0.5.14

Any other info needed? Please let me know!

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Re: Not able to mount drives, HAL issues

Post by lxnay » Sun Jan 03, 2010 15:16

We definitely need to have a look at this
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