We are sorry Magneto closed unexpectedly [Solved]

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We are sorry Magneto closed unexpectedly [Solved]

Post by lestoil81 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 13:08

After recent upgrades SB5/KDE4.3.3 on starting desktop gives above message along with Exec:PID 6676 Signal 11(Segmentation Fault) and I was instructed to read "How to create useful crash report" when I couldn't submit report because of insufficient info.
sys-devel| gdb 7.0 is installed. I did not add CFLAGS="-g or -ggdb since the gentoo article was not clear.
Tried going to bugzilla but can't figure how to submit the bug.
Hopefully someone will clarify this for me. Thx.

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Re: We are sorry Magneto closed unexpectedly

Post by albfneto » Mon Nov 30, 2009 15:55

You problem is solve Magneto crashing?
Magneto,for install it from Gentoo's Portage, you need to updating the Sabayons's overlay , with layman BUT...

Magneto ie an Entropy package... is better installed with Equo command,no Gento's Portage, emerge command:

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sudo equo install magneto
To report a Bug in the Sabayon's bugzilla, go to:


Open a new Bugzilla account, make the account, see the confirming email..... made the login and password, confirm etc....
after LOG in the Bugzilla with you complete email adress[/i], not only the username,,,, log etc....
SEARCH if the bug was reported...
if not, click in the "new bug", choose if the bug is on entropy, on sabayon etc...
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Re: We are sorry Magneto closed unexpectedly

Post by lxnay » Mon Nov 30, 2009 20:26

Sorry, it's been a small bug. Fixed in Entropy
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