Sabayon 5.0 fresh install no youtube flash audio

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Sabayon 5.0 fresh install no youtube flash audio

Postby enry183 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:25

Hello i just installed Sabayon 5.0 over my desktop pc, the only problem is no audio frm the flashplugin, anyone know how to solve this?

thanks bye!
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Re: Sabayon 5.0 fresh install no youtube flash audio

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:36

Try uninstalling libflashsupport and restart SL. The package libflashsupport is for Flash 9, but SL has Flash 10. Also have a search of the SL forums, as some of the threads may help; here's just one you could try: Sound stopped for Flash, MP3 and AVI [Solved]. Flash is not PulseAudio-aware, so it may be that you need to configure ALSA or something like that. From the Gentoo Wiki article on PulseAudio:

Flash support

Flash Player 9: If you want to have Flash support on your system you will have to install libflashsupport.
emerge -av libflashsupport

Flash Player 10: Flash 10 should work well with PulseAudio out-of-the-box, if the alsa device named "default" is configured to use the pulse plugin, as instructed in the ALSA section above on this page.

So also check if the ALSA device named "default" is configured as explained in that Gentoo Wiki article.
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