Sabayon won't boot to desktop..?

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Re: Sabayon won't boot to desktop..?

Postby Marius » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:12

thresher wrote:ok. thanks! but why this was did? maybe better use equo or emerge for update? sulfur not stable?

It is not clear to me what do you mean by 'this'?

I doubt the problem dealt with in this thread had anything to do with sulphur versus equo. It is rather an almost unavoidable consequence of upgrading so many packages at once.

I for once use exclusively the command line equo, and after a series of similar massive package upgrades earlier this month I ran into similarly frustrating problems with dysfunctional gdm. Having wasted two days in vain to track their source, I simply reinstalled gnome-base/gdm and that cured the problem.
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