How do I create a partition?

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How do I create a partition?

Post by newberg » Wed Nov 25, 2009 22:37

I have installed Sabayon with success and now a want to create ntfs-partition so I can install Windows aswell.
But i cant seem to find anywhere to do it.
I am pretty new with linux and especially Sabayon, but in Ubuntu i rememeber there was an application where you could make and edit partitions.

Can anyone help please

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Re: How do I create a partition?

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Wed Nov 25, 2009 23:06

You need to use a partition manager such as the GUI application GParted. You need to run it from a LiveDVD because it can't work on mounted partitions. GParted is on the SL 5.0 GNOME LiveDVD or you can download the ISO for SystemRescueCd which also has it. The command line tool sys-apps/parted is also on the SL 5.0 GNOME and KDE LiveDVDs, but is not newcomer-friendly. Unfortunately there is no GUI partition manager on the SL 5.0 KDE LiveDVD.

Basically you boot the LiveDVD, launch GParted, and the GUI will appear and GParted will find all your HDDs and partitions. You can drag partition bars to resize them, and so on. The drop-down menus are self-explanatory. GParted is easy to use but, if you need any tips, see the documentation and screenshots on the GParted Home Page:

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