lost OS password

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paul prochnow
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lost OS password

Post by paul prochnow » Tue Nov 17, 2009 23:32

This is embarrassing. I used the UserName / PW that i put in the OS upon installation and it was not accepted.

Did I make an error in letting the install process auto fill the password as I saw when I put the OS on the disk? UserName and PW were the same with the autofill I saw.

I only get the media center when I boot up. I thought the two worked hand in hand.

Now I am locked out totally [excepting the Media Player] and there seems to be an OS. I cannot now get the LiveCD to allow me to redo what I have done.

I need help and I feel hopeless.

I loved the desktop and user interface so much I installed too quickly. The only Linux I ever installed up to now is eeebuntu on my Asus 900A netbook. I put this new tower together as I had some parts to use. The HDD was an assumed virgin WD 80g EIDE on a Intel mATX board. Well, so much for too much information.

Thanks for some advice.

Can I hold the ESC button on a reboot to the DVDROM to get the desktop?

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Re: lost OS password

Post by E.M.G. » Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:45

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