SL5.0 /var/log/X0rg.0.log nvidia no acpi or acpid found

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SL5.0 /var/log/X0rg.0.log nvidia no acpi or acpid found

Post by lestoil81 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 19:46

SL5.0/Pentium4(noHT)/2G ram/GeForce6200with512vram/Fresh install. Kernel is 2.6.31-sabayon and using nvidia-driver 185.18.31.NVIDIA X server settings look ok and System Settings says "compositing is on." Looked at Xorg log on livedvd and on installes system.
Both show ACPI failed to connect to ACPI event daemon. Open ACPI failed(daemon may not be running or not in AcpidSocketPath and/var/run/acpid.socket no such file or directory). No APM/ACPI support in BIOS or kernel. Then "coudn't load dri1 or dri2 modules(not found)"
The same acpi/acpid error existed in my Arch install until I installed acpid and started that daemon. ACPI starts during boot. In Arch I kept 2.6.30 kernel and earlier version of nvidia when problems occured with more recent updates. dri1 and dr2 modules load however.
# equo search acpid shows sys-power/acpid-1.0:10x and several acpi pkgs. I installed acpid and added it to rc-update default. /var/run/acpid.socket is listed but "doesn't exist."
/etc/conf.d/acpid just has ACPID_OPTIONS=" " and is otherwise blank.
# lsmod doesn't show acpi/apm/acpid.
Why don't the dri and dri2 load/aren't found?. Why no ACPI mentioned during boot(I may have missed it)? How do I get acpid working properly so Xorg.0.log doesn't show those errors.

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