Two questions

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Two questions

Postby Giosiken » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:25

Hi, i installed sabayon 5.0 recently, and made my first update through sulfur, and know i have two problems

1) im trying to install my HP Photosmart C3100, i've tried using the kde control center to install it but when i click on the printer config the control center says that the service "printer config" doesnt give the interface "KCMOdule" with the key word "system-config-printer-kde/" The "factory" does not allow components...
That happens when the kde language is spanish, but when i changes to english everything works fine, theres somethin i can do to fix that?.

2) I have an msi K9 with nvdia chipset, and i have a quad sound system, but i cant configure correctly in kde, im too noob, could someone guide me?

thanks for all
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Re: Two questions

Postby genfool » Sun Oct 11, 2009 14:36

for the sound issue, open a terminal and enter "alsamixer" use the arrow keys to navigate and turn everything up. usually my front speakers are turned down and is the problem.

If this does not cure it, in the terminal go root with "su" then enter root pass word and enter "alsaconfig" let it setup your sound card and then enter "exit" to become user and run alsamixer again.

good luck,
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Re: Two questions

Postby micia » Sun Oct 11, 2009 20:36

genfool wrote: and enter "alsaconfig" let it setup your sound card

There is a little typo, alsaconfig should be:
Code: Select all

We can save 2 characters! :D
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