Sabayon newly installed

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Sabayon newly installed

by BillFoster » Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:07

I was looking around for something to do, and I thought I would try out a Linux Distro I had not tried before.
OK: I picked up a Gentoo 2007.0 DVD from Linux Format: tried it on a virtualised machine on WXP Pro on this computer.
Installation repeatedly failed. tried it on my second computer, thinking to replace Slampp on /dev/hdb13, which had always annoyed me by not being able to install Lilo on its root partition( I do not want it to replace XOSL2 on the MBR on that computer.
So then I thought I would try the Sabayon3.4e Linux DVD from Linux Magazine, which had not worked for me on this computer. It did install with no really overt problems, except that after first boot I clicked on search from the KDE start menu , and suddenly the video went pinkisk, and stayed pinkish on reboot! and on booting Windows XP. The pinkish problem went away after shutting down that computer & tuning off the power switch on the back to remove all volts on the system: On booting it after 5 minutes the video was back to normal (Pinkish world back to normal), thank goodness. This on a GeForce Nvidea AGP card with 128Mb RAM.
Initial impressions were fairly good, except that I have not worked out how to add/manage software on it. A lot of it appears unfamiliar compared with Suse/Fedora/Mandriva/Debian/Mepis/Slackware.
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by joeoden » Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:43

BillFoster wrote:Sabayon3.4e

Branch 3 is no longer supported
Latest version is Sabayon 4.2 Gnome and Sabayon 4.2 KDE
Branch 5 will be sometime this year
BillFoster wrote:I have not worked out how to add/manage software

You should learn the package manager there is Entropy (recommended) or Portage (advanced user) ... tage_Guide

Also look at these
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by BillFoster » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:53

Branch 3 is no longer supported:
But I cannot see a direct replacement for it.
The latest ones are either KDE or gnome, but I want one which is both KDE & gnome.
And I have now indeed found out about Portato.
I was looking for something different and Sabayan is certainly very different,and very interesting
Unlike any other Linux I've tried. Although there are a huge number of Linux Distros to choose from, I think that mostly they are much of a muchness.
For now version 3.4e will do for me. Probably Sabayon is as good a way of learning what Gentoo Linux is like
In any case at present I have nowhere I can easily put a new operating system.
I have Suse 11.1| Fedora 11| Mandriva free2009 on the second hard drive on this computer
and Suse 11.1|Fedora 11| Debian 5| Mepis 8| Slackware 13 | Sabayan 3.4e on the second hard drive of my second computer.
My third computer is very dated based on a very old Soyu server board with two Pentium II's. Although slow it has always been very reliable
My fourth computer, based on an AS rock motherboard has been very suspect, giving reports that Downloaded XP Service Pack 2 is corrupt,even when I downloaded the file on another computer and know it is OK.
I think my next project is to replace computer 4 with say a i5 or i7 based machine.
I did feel a great sense of relief when I found that the video on Computer 2 reverted to normal after shutting the machine down and switching it off at the back.
Oh; and thank you very much for the Links, which appear to be very informative
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by micia » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:58

Even if they are only KDE or Gnome, keep in mind that you can install any Desktop Environment
after the installation.

Installing Gnome is as easy as launching from a console:
Code: Select all
equo install gnome-light

and installing KDE4:
Code: Select all
equo install kde-meta

There are also XFCE, LXDE, Enlightenment and other Desktops available.
You don't have to keep what you get with the LiveDVD :)
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by BillFoster » Sun Sep 20, 2009 17:58

Many many thanks:
You have Answered the question on my mind. Overall I have to say I am pretty impressed with sabayon. It is definitively not just another distro: wheras I think suse 11.1;fedora 11;Mandriva free 2009, are all very much of the same serving.
I will download the KDE iso: burn it to DVD, and install it.
I have tried a lot of different operating systems in my time:
Beos=a real oddity
QNX= cant see the point on a desktop.
Solaris 10= does not excite me; doubtless good asa server, not of interest as a Desktop OS
BSD= doubtless good as a server; cant see it of interest as a Desktop OS

I still think my next big project should be to build a core i5 or i7 computer, and recycle my computer four, as it is so unreliable, for reasons i do not really understand.
That leaves gentoo as the only version of Linux I have not come to grips with.
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:58

BillFoster wrote:That leaves gentoo as the only version of Linux I have not come to grips with.

Bill, you do know that Sabayon Linux is Gentoo Linux? SL is basically Gentoo with an overlay (called "sabayon") plus some customisation of e.g. bootsplash, themes etc. and an additional package manager (called "Entropy") for binary (i.e. pre-compiled) packages. The kernel has also been tweaked to work out-of-the-box with more hardware, but that's user-configurable anyway. All the Gentoo stuff is still there: Portage, scripts, openrc, baselayout2, init scripts, etc. So if you're using Sabayon Linux you are using Gentoo, albeit with a lot of the hard work done for you as things like KDE or GNOME, networking etc. have been installed already for you so you don't have to do it yourself from the ground up. That's all. But you can still use only Portage and do things only the Gentoo way if you want to.
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by BillFoster » Mon Sep 21, 2009 13:54

Thanks: I do know that, but I still have not installed Gentoo as Gentoo.
I have now sussessfully installed sabayan 4.2, on the partition where I had sabayan 3.4e. (the installation was not as nice as installing 3.4e( where the graphical install went AOK))I had todo the text install, but it then worked OK(ish)

One ver noticable irritation was that in Sulphur, if you have the portage tree displayed by groups, you cannot expand/collapse the tree as a whole. And you cannot select /deselect an item by one click. You have to wait for a little subbox to appear called (install" and click that.

However it does work on my second computer, which is just a single core AMD
The major problem I have with this computer setup is that my Belkin KVM switch does not perform well on switching between a computer running Windows & one running Linux.

However I am very impressed by Sabayan, and I feel it deserves to be more popular than it is. I suppose Ubntu is popular through familiarity, and the fact that it is relatively easy to get setup, with a pretty satisfactory result fairly easily. What I do not like about Ubuntu is that I have found it difficult to stop it replacing my boot selector ( Boot Magic on this computer, because this ( my main windows XP Pro installation just will not boot with XOSL as Boot Selector: failing when the GUI tries to start. )

{ As an aside I would comment that Windows 2000/XP are both very/too sensitive to any change in partitioning. In this case XP only restarted after using either MBRtool or Easus ToDo Backup to replace MBR & Track 0. }

Unfortunately I cannot install sabayan raw on this computer because the second hard drive is Full, {definitively full}
with Suse 11-1: Fedora 11: Mandriva free2009. + a third Windows XP installation.
and so is the third hard drive, with essential NTFS & Fat32 partitions, with image backups of my system partitions.
Perhaps I can try it virtualised, but I am not sure that I have not already spent far too much time with it on my second computer, and the amount of time I spend fiddling about with computers is not really a joke, or is way way beyond a joke.
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by mikey0000 » Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:37

5's out now you should download and install that fresh. :P
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by BillFoster » Mon Oct 05, 2009 18:14

Maybe: I've just bought an NVidea Geforce 8600GT, and having physically installed it; am configuring it on two Windows XP Pro installations, and on three Linux installations {Suse11.1| Fedora 11| Slackware13} on this computer. So upgrading Sabayon is low on my priority list
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Re: Sabayon newly installed

by BillFoster » Wed Oct 07, 2009 16:52

Well: Now I've downloaded Sabayon 5.0, and it failed to start on this computer, when 4.2 was AOK Don't know why, but I think I saw that it could not remount the system partition rw on startup.
Now I've got to sort out installing drivers for GeForce 8600GT PCIE16 video graphics card on Fedora 11 on m,y computer-1.
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