Error during upgrade via Sulfur

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Error during upgrade via Sulfur

Postby miles » Wed Aug 19, 2009 14:00

Installed Sabayon 4.2 Gnome last week - just love it !!!!
(/etc/sabayon-edition Version : Sabayon Linux 4.2 x86 G )
Checked for updates and found 99.
The recommendation was to update from Sulfur 96.26 to 98.2.4 prior to updating any other packages.
The Sulfur update was contained in the list of 99 packages, but there were also references to Entropy or Equo.
As Sulfur, Entropy and Equo are all related, I was not sure if I should just select Sulphur or also include pacakges that also make reference to Entropy/Equo.
So, and here is my mistake, I selected everything thinking Entropy would probably prioritise updates of Sulfur/Equo ensuring they are processed appropriately.
Something connected to the installation of Sulfur looks to have failed as the update halted with errors.
Please see attached screen dumps.
(Errors exceed a single screen so there is an overlap of messages in the two screen dumps).
I have searched various logs in /var/log but haven't located anything that seems helpful.

Version 98.2.4 of Sulphur is installed and seems to working.
There now 57 packages from the original 99 waiting for download and update.
I'm reluctant to continue the updating process until the failure and its severity have been identified.

Can anyone advise the best way to proceed from this point?
Thankyou very much in anticipation.

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Re: Error during upgrade via Sulfur

Postby jovcek » Wed Aug 19, 2009 14:33

Rule: ALWAYS update Entropy first, then rest of the packages.

1. su (than your root pass of course)
2. equo update
3. equo install entropy
then exit from terminal and open it again (to make sure you are in the newer equo)
4. su (again, your root pass)
5. equo world

If all that finishes successfully, your system should be updated and working as it should be.

PS: don't forget to match your drivers with the kernel before reboot (if needed) - DO read this: (actually important for pre-4.2 version... so it shouldn't affect your installation, but still you can have a look ;) )
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Re: Error during upgrade via Sulfur

Postby miles » Thu Aug 20, 2009 14:03

Hi Jovcek,

Many thanks for your prompt reply and advice.
Have re-installed entropy.
The Updates Notifier is now informing me that 58 packages are available for update.
This notification disappeared whilst entropy was not up to date but re-appeared
immediately after the re-install of entropy - very impressive !!!
We will see what happens with these 58 packages when we push the button.
Thanks again.
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