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If you are new to Linux or new to Sabayon Linux and just not sure where to post, here ya go. Post without fear of being told to RTFM :-)

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Re: gnomad2 e creative zen v

Post by ReemZ » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:00

martaplt wrote:Anyway, I think I'll get another version of Linux, one I can use by myself, without continually asking for help to other people, and possibly without having to read how it works (and not because of indifference, but because I don't have basis and I'd need too much time...I study political science, not IT)

The most difficult thing with Linux distros mostly is install, which is already quite easy with Sabayon (even *I* managed!) and you've already passed that blockade ;)
One other thing that requires a bit of reading, is package management.
Simply put, the package manager is where you download and install, or update, your software from, without the need to browse the internet, searching for the right version for your operating system, as this is done for you by the Entropy maintainers. All you need to know is what the package is called, and should you want to perform a certain task T, for which you'd need package P, but you would not know P's actual name, all you'd have to do is ask on the forum or in IRC (after searching for it yourself, obviously ;))

Personally I never use Sulfur, I've tried Spritz once but I just don't like graphical package management, but that's just me, I just like the CLI too much I guess :lol:
I don't find opening a terminal and typing 'equo search gnomad', followed by 'equo install gnomad --ask' too hard ;)
(--ask makes equo ask your confirmation)

Oh...and if you study political science, reading long texts should be easy for you, and most of our wiki pages aren't that long, should be something you can read in an hour or two (all pages I linked you to earlier combined, that is), plus there are loads of screenshots to make things even clearer.
Furthermore, if you do not take the time to read these, you will not understand the package management, meaning you will not be able to install any software by yourself or to keep anything up-to-date, but this goes for every distro.
And maybe next time your friend drops by to help you out, you might consider asking him to show you how to do it ;)

martaplt wrote:Thank you all, you have been very kind! :D

No problem, we aim to please ;)
Handtekening? Zeg...ik ga niet op m'n monitor schrijven!

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