Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

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Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby lxnay » Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:09

Press Release: Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 4.2 KDE

Dedicated to those who like order over chaos, to those who like simplicity over complexity, to those who think that less is more, to those that just want more for less. Sabayon 4.2 will catch you: just the best of the Out-Of-The-Box, KDE 4.2.4, multimedia applications and nothing more than what you need for your daily tasks, but what about your free time? We've got it. XBMC (formerly known as Xbox Media Center) 9.04 is what you've ever wanted to build up a fantastic HTPC or Internet Multimedia Box, so what's better than having it ready to use? Show off the new Sabayon Linux to your friends, they have no more excuses to not try it!


Take a Tour - Booting
Take a Tour - Installer

    Distribution Features:
  • Based on Sabayon 4.1 KDE, containing hundreds of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Halved Hard Disk footprint, <2GB ISO image
  • Custom Linux Kernel 2.6.29
  • Ext4 as default filesystem
  • Complete KDE 4.2.4 flavour
  • OpenOffice 3.1
  • Compiz and Compiz Fusion 0.8.4
  • X.Org 7.4 supporting AMD and NVIDIA latest video cards
  • Multimedia applications (audio, video, dvd ripping, file sharing)
  • Media Center Mode, transforming your Sabayon in a complete Multimedia platform thanks to XBMC
  • Entropy Package Manager 0.96.26 (ready for 1.0!)
  • World of Goo Demo - best 2D game ever!
  • Sexiest Skin ever!
  • Ready for Sabayon 5!

    Major Changes since Sabayon 4.1:
  • [System] Environment in sync with latest available Entropy updates
  • [System] Featuring Entropy Framework (Package Manager) 0.96.26, improved performance, reduced hardware requirements
  • [System] Featuring the new user-friendly Entropy Graphical Interface, Sulfur
  • [System] KDE updated to 4.2.4
  • [System] OpenOffice updated to 3.1.0
  • [System] XBMC updated to 9.04 supporting NVIDIA "vdpau" video acceleration
  • [Live] Improved boot performance significantly
  • [Live] Improved GPU hardware detection and reliability (esp. for: NVIDIA, NVIDIA legacy, Catalyst, RadeonHD, Intel)
  • [Live] Fixed a GDM issue causing X server to be respawned
  • [Live] Featuring latest NVIDIA(185.14)/AMD(9.62) Graphics Drivers
  • [Live] Improved PulseAudio support
  • [Install] Significantly reduced hard-disk requirements
  • [Install] Fixed text-based installation
  • [Install] Installer now checks for available /boot space
  • [Install] Installer now allows to share /home partitions across distributions and reinstallations
  • [Install] Installer UI now got refreshed correctly
  • [Install] Improved user home configuration (if $HOME is already available, it won't be touched)
  • [Install] Several other minor bug fixes

Minimum requirements:
- an i686-compatible Processor (Intel Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Celeron, AMD K6-2, Athlon)
- 512Mb RAM
- 10 GB of free space
- A X.Org supported 2D GPU
- a DVD reader
Optimal requirements:
- a Dual Core Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or better, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better)
- 1024Mb RAM
- 32 GB of free space
- A X.Org supported 3D GPU (Intel, AMD, NVIDIA) (esp. for XBMC)
- a DVD reader

Resources for Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE:
Kernel Configuration:
- Sabayon 4.2 x86 kernel config
- Sabayon 4.2 amd64 kernel config
Packages list:
- Sabayon Linux x86 4.2 Packages
- Sabayon Linux x86-64 4.2 Packages

Download sources
Our Mirrors Page:
- Sabayon Linux x86 4.2 KDE Torrent Download
- Sabayon Linux x86-64 4.2 KDE Torrent Download
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby mars » Mon Jul 06, 2009 17:54

Ciao Fabbio, come bella sorpresa!

Really, what a nice surprise, this one is going onto my hdd asap.
It has been a long time since i last tried sabayonlinux, and you have done much to improve it.
Thanks for all the good hard work, you make this world a better place to live in.

Kind regards from Holland.
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby rikd » Mon Jul 06, 2009 19:36

great stuff..
Guess what I'm downloadin tonite... ;)

Just broke my install on my PC when I changed Gfx card (shouldn't have been too big a deal, but it was :(). Was only just thinking that maybe I should wait until 4.2 comes out - and here it is :)
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby hantke » Mon Jul 06, 2009 20:15

You are, the best, thanks to all, YEAAAAAAAA at least K power!! is MY!!!!!!! (my precious!!!!!!!! golum golum)
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby shebroman » Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:00

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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby joost » Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:55

I'd like to take opportunity to thank the Gentoo devs that made this possible.

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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby AmpLiF1eR » Tue Jul 07, 2009 21:22

thanks :P
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby BASH » Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:15

I am currently running 4.1 version of sabayon, will the installation upgrade to current? I have a lot of homework and other items on my windows side, which both are running raid.

Thanks...I am sure Sabayon is that much better. I have been a loyal sabayon user for a few years now after trying tons of other distros. Kudos! ;)
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby dunsurfin » Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:36

BASH wrote:I am currently running 4.1 version of sabayon, will the installation upgrade to current?

If you have kept your 4.1 world updated you are now running 4.2 (not exactly - but near enough).
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Re: Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE: Stable release

Postby iamkrazee » Thu Jul 09, 2009 14:21

I'm returning to Sabayon after a long long time.. the basic reason being that it's back to KDE. And KDE4 that I so loved, that I actually had to make a choice of moving over to a new distro. I'm thrilled to install it now, 2 hours remaining :D
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