Technical Question, Using Portage for Making Entropy Package

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Technical Question, Using Portage for Making Entropy Package

Post by albfneto » Sat Jul 04, 2009 7:07

I do not really know if this question is better posted here or in the Entropy Session, since it involves both Installers.
I have in mind that Entropy binary packages are similar to Gentoo packages, are pre-compiled Gentoo type packages, therefore are may be made from Ebuilds...
Is it possible to make packages for Entropy, using Portage , for example, using emerge with --buildpkgonly options?
I'm uncertain, but i have in mind that is possible, or not?
This is interesting, since some Gentoo Overlays containing Ebuilds for some packages that are not in Entropy.
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Re: Technical Question, Using Portage for Making Entropy Package

Post by jasherai » Sat Jul 04, 2009 20:09

Hi Albfneto,

It is indeed possible to create your own entropy packages. Infact you use emerge/portage to do this.

The general premise is to emerge the package you are after (via portage or overlay as you would for gentoo), and then to use equo/entropy to "detect and package" the emerged packages into entropy ones.

Assuming you are going to push this into your own repo, you should have a thorough look at the output of equo --help --verbose , particularly the community section.

The following wiki page ( ... positories) should direct you through adding community repos (none public atm, as far as I am aware) and there are links at the bottom for creating your own( ... _something).

Feel free to you shout if you have specific questions, or need more info, I think I must have made every mistake under the sun with my repo! (trying to cleanup br.4 -> br.5 debacle now! :shock: )


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