Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

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Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

Post by WarraWarra » Sat Jun 27, 2009 22:03

I just want to thank all the guy's that has been part of SL and made it a nice place / distro and all that.
Sorry for all the folks being scared away after trying to help SL, if it was me or someone else sorry.

I am leaving, might be back in the future don't know at this stage.
8+ Architectural, Tourism, F&B etc related projects I am still busy with has gone into overdrive and they bring the money in so have to spend more time on them.
After 3 + years using RR64/SL it is time to take a break / call it quits.

Sorry to stab Fabio in the back as well as all the other nice decent folks like this, hopefully other users can jump in and make SL a great cutting edge distro once again.

Let me know if I should inform to close the hosting space there or if it would be maintained by someone hopefully Ian or Mitch so I can inform about new contact person and passwd on Fabio's private root login to his developer space as well as the general SL root login and torrent login.
Not sure if someone want to get to update the SL files there or 2nd educational server for university's grid / vlan in South Africa, not important.

It was nice to know Fabio Ian Mitch and a few others + all the nice folks in the forums.
Might want to delete my users / moderator thingy.

Best of luck with the project hope you guy's reach great heights, back to basics with the bleeding edge SL was known for.

Ciao Ciao.

Edit> Letting know to remove the SL space / account .

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Re: Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

Post by Thev00d00 » Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:50

Hey man, its a big shame you are going! Im not going to delete your account though! I refuse lol.

Good luck with all your future endeavours!

Ill maintain the ibiblio stuff, drop me a pm with the procedure to get it all changed over.

Forum goers will miss you.

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Re: Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

Post by ReemZ » Mon Jun 29, 2009 22:57

Zoals ik in pb al zei: succes gozert! En thanx! :)
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Re: Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

Post by genfool » Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:49

Wat to say.....? Obvious from my handle, I am new. Fact is I have 2 other handles and have been around sabayon and this forum for a couple of years, just a slow but persistent learner.
You have always been here and very helpful.
1, as a user, you have always offered good help to us.
2, Behind the scenes I know you have helped, would be unfair for me to even suggest I know how much time and effort you have put into sl.
Will say I appreciate your effort, many here will miss your help. Hope you have good luck in whatever you choose to do... hoping you at least stop by and visit once in awhile.
Maybe just take a vacation from helping, We all need a break once in awhile.
From a sl user, you will be missed.

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Re: Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

Post by throdon » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:20

another heavy hitter is leaving, well best of luck brother or sister, best wishes to what ever you have in store.
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Re: Ciao Ciao SL, Leaving SL.

Post by WarraWarra » Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:21

LOL thanks guy's.
I am just a coconut LOL small fry here. Almost all of you guy's / gals know more than I do about linux.

I will pop in form time to time and help as I can, at this stage my workload has increased insanely and another project added today with exports / foreign business development = so can not spend the time needed to do SL justice. Taking it much slower at this time / double clutching and shifting to 2nd gear.

Once you Linux you never go back LOL. Pushing some small fixes upstream.

Please anyone that can help with the website / forums / beta testing anything to help the project please offer your help as it is always appreciated by everyone.
From re-writing the guides / wiki how-to's to be current to messing with python code to git or sabayon-limbo / posting help / advise in the forums please do so, only you guy's can make this distro great.

Even if you can help with portage tree and adding new packages using funtoo/gentoo git , I am sure gentoo would appreciate it as well as all other gentoo users. This will end up helping here as well.
If you can not help with anything else then try new software and mess with / research methods until working and then pass this methods on to the forum / wiki to save time for development team.

LOL another long message, back to work.

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