Sono arrivate le nuove iso 'monthly'

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Sono arrivate le nuove iso 'monthly'

Postby belcocco » Wed Apr 03, 2013 15:07

Evviva !!! :D :D :D
Adesso abbiamo anche le iso 'monthly'. :alien:

Ed ecco l'annuncio di Fabio sulla Mailing List.
besides the current dailys, we now have monthly images.
You can find them on our mirrors, inside the iso/monthly/ directory.
There is also a ChangeLogs subdir containing changelogs of our main git repos.
Images will be updated at the end of the month. Older images will be
kept on the mirrors one more month (so each monthly image is going to
last at most 2 months). For instance, next month we will have 13.05
and 13.04 into that directory, while in June 13.04 will be dropped and
13.06 will be added.
As you have realized, the versioning schema for monthly images is YY.MM.
All this is brought to you automatically ;-)

Fabio Erculiani

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Re: Sono arrivate le nuove iso 'monthly'

Postby sabayonino » Wed Apr 03, 2013 18:14

:mrgreen: da notare anche la nuova numerazione stile *buntu
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