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Sabayon From Scratch

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 14:42
by hoosierpeschke
I am looking for some information on how Sabayon is built from Gentoo. I want to help with development (particularly systemd-love) but am also doing some fun stuff with molecule. I figure if I want to do it right I should start from the ground up and to do so replicate the setup at home.

In particular, is it just a stage 3 tarball with a Sabayon overlay and packages installed from there? I have been looking at the molecule scripts for spinbase and that could be my best guess but a little "push" would be greatly appreciated and I would be more than happy to document the process.

Thanks to all!

Re: Sabayon From Scratch

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:15
by tinogil
Hello. I was interested in this subject but I didn't get too much help. When I was trying molecule the first times, I saw the strategy livecd in the spinbase spec. Looking at the git I guess that SAbayon do his own kernel and genkernel, own overlay, installer... and the molecules spinbase spec and scripts are doing the same process that you are doing in a computer to install a gentoo system, only I don't see the stage tarball in git. it must be in the sabayon servers. But I think that is the same process like gentoo or funtoo.