KDE ISO 09/05

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KDE ISO 09/05

Postby cl00t » Mon May 14, 2012 13:00


I need to install SL on a couple of PCs, I have never used the daily iso's but it would save an awful lot of time if I could.
Are they basically the v8 iso updated, or are extra packages added or packages removed, ie more like a spin?
I realise they are effectively testing as the iso's themselves are not fully tested, but they should just give an updated SL?
I did notice that sabayonlinux.org is the default repo, not weekly, so that's a significant change from the standard iso IMO.

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Re: KDE ISO 09/05

Postby Stupot » Mon May 14, 2012 15:19

The daily/weekly isos are exactly what are used for officially releases. Whenever it's decided that a new release should be tagged, more people test them and work out any bugs before an official tag. Also, when an official release is coming up, there will be freezes on changes to them and to the repos for a short time, so that enough time is given to test them in a particular state. That's the only difference between an official release and the weekly, autogenerated isos.
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