pulseaudio / xbmc

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pulseaudio / xbmc

Post by genfool » Sun Oct 30, 2011 22:06

At a loss where to look for the issue, with xbmc that I use as my music player, after a pulseaudio update from limbo a few weeks ago, every time a new song starts, volume jumps to 100%
This happened after the update, before that it was fine.

It is only xbmc that has this issue, all other sound apps work fine.
First noticed it on a sabayon6 install that I installed to test 6 when it was released ... older install but was fine until the recent pa in limbo update which I am sure is in main now.
I did a recent install of 7 on another partition a few days ago and exact same issue, sound is fine except for xbmc.
This machine is a quad boot for testing, two gentoo and two sabayon, I never mix entropy and portage.

Kicker is, I just installed pa on gentoo and works perfect on same machine, default settings and not modify anything.
One gentoo is portage 2.1, while the other is portage 2.2

I believe there is an issue on sabayon with pa or xbmc, I am comparing files between gentoo and sabayon, The difference I see is in /usr/lib
On sabayon is /usr/lib/alsa
gentoo is /usr/lib/alsa-lib
These both contain different files, what is in sabayon /usr/lib/alsa is not the same as is in gentoo /usr/lib/alsa-lib
Whole different set of files.... gentoo works and sabayon is broke.
Really looking for ideas to troubleshoot this further, but any ideas on this... not worthy of a bug report from me, I do not understand why sabayon names the files different. both gentoo are 64 bit while sabayon is a 32 on one and 64 on the other.

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Re: pulseaudio / xbmc

Post by res0r9lm2 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:17

I using 100% Portage and PA is working fine. If you think the gentoo ebuild will work better than Sabayon one you can mask Sabayon one and umask Gentoo one. I have /usr/lib/alsa-lib too but I'm using media-libs/alsa-lib- when I start xbmc it raises PA's master volume but audio stays the same in xbmc even between sessions my use flags for xbmc are

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alsa avahi css joystick pulseaudio rtmp sse sse2 udev vaapi vdpau xrandr -altivec -debug -midi -profile -webserver

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