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Molecule generate only erroneous, small ISO [Solved]

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 0:08
by albfneto
I carry some experiments with the remasterize tool Molecule, for further use for making an special sabayon issue with chemical ans scientific applications...
For this i try to use molecule.
i begin with an 64 bits KDE DVD (from daily build), i tried to install GNOME in it (using @gnome), i tried and working well, i made an iso with KDE and GNOME, then i made a similar experiment,also with Compiz, resulting in a good Sabayon with GNOME, KDE and Compiz, all working and instalable.


Now, i tried with the last version, the newer version of Molecule, and try to remasterize a Big DVD, similar with the old sabayons, complete with all the graphical env.

But not, molecule working, update, upgrade, but generate an very small ISO, 16 Mega only, much smaller that the original KDE (nearly 2 Giga), also is unservable, nor instalable.

Expanding the ISO file for see the things that it have inside, i found two files "CD", but both empty, 0 bytes.

In the original starting KDE ISO, it also have two cd files, but one have 2 giga and the other is empty.

Seems to me that molecule is working, but not generating an useful ISO.

I.m not certain that this is a Bug, for this, i dont post an message inthe Bugzilla

Excuse, my mistake,it was an error in the spec file. Now works!
Thanks,Fabio! a great Tool!

Re: Molecule generate only erroneous, small ISO.

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:22
by lxnay
Have you contemplated to attach the application output? :roll:

Re: Molecule generate only erroneous, small ISO [Solved]

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 0:46
by albfneto
my obtained ISO is very large to be attached, but as soon, it will be downloaded from the ADrive Site.

It is Sabayon 5.3 updated to kernel 2.6.35 and new packages, complete with KDE and GNOME, for choosing in the begin of the session, and have many packages, players, browsers, IM clients etc...

Is an 4 Giga DVD, similar to the antique Sabayons.

Re: Molecule generate only erroneous, small ISO [Solved]

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:55
by DanySK
I guess Fabio was referring to the molecule console output :mrgreen:

However I agree, great tool. I have a personalized KDE spin too, without some KDE (useless) utility (Klipper, Korganizer, Kopete, games, Clementine), with WoG demo replaced by the full Hedgewars, with a personalized skel and some common use software (Skype, GIMP, Inkscape, Gwenview, Amarok...) preinstalled.
A candy too: Picasa 3.6 installed through wine with working face recognize and preinstalled Facebook button :mrgreen: