For Daily ISO Testing

If you are using the daily ISO, please report issues here to keep confusion down in other forums. Questions or issues with Molecule also here

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For Daily ISO Testing

Postby wolfden » Tue May 04, 2010 5:52

Please use this forum only for testing and reporting of the Daily ISO, see press release here: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=20537

Make sure you are reporting accurate information, we need complete information as not to discard your report. The more information you can give the better.

Critical Things to help us:
Version - Build Date
Log Files

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Re: For Daily ISO Testing

Postby jmdennis » Tue May 25, 2010 21:08

I am using the daily build from the 22rd of May. This is more of some thing that I want to see. It would be nice to have manual setup for the hard drive. If I go through the process it lets me delete the partitions and then when I try and use that free space it just locks up on me. I for one like one big root directory as I do not want a seperate home partition. I went through the install process with how it wanted to partition my hard drive and other then not being able to get to a terminal by using ctrl alt f1 as it shows a screen with strange colors which means usually that it did not pick up the right driver for my nvidia card. I like to do my updates this way rather then from the desktop but was updating when I left.

I forgot to mention that I was using the AMD64 version and the Gnome desktop.

I did the install again last night as I wanted to try out the KDE version and found that it does have the manual configuration but I still have the same problem as when I delete all the partitions and try to create a new one it just sits there. I have not left it there for some time but my cd drive does not spin after this. It does install great if I accept the defaults. One thing that I noticed and did not try for the Gnome version is that my Sansa Fuze does not mount. It did mount just fine in version 5.2. I have not looked into this yet as to why the computer does not recognize it.
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Re: For Daily ISO Testing

Postby wolfden » Thu May 27, 2010 4:45

please make a new topic when reporting, Thanks :D
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Re: For Daily ISO Testing

Postby ManBl » Sun Feb 04, 2018 15:14


I'm testing daily-isos on my PC.

I sit for my PC - KDE-desktop of Sabayon, must go for any time off,
come back and see the login-screen, password-window, unlocking.

Now I write my password and make ENTER.

But no unlocking possible, I cannot login . why?

What can i do to unlock the login-screen?

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