Kernel panic after last update (env_update)

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Kernel panic after last update (env_update)

Post by 4fff618 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 23:17

Hi, today i updated my system and in one point it failed. I know that probably is related to the profile change. I read the notice, but i don't think that i am part of the group mentioned in it.

I am writing this from another PC, but i still have my non booteable sabayon for trying things to save it.

Here is what's shows on boot:


and this is the last line on my entropy log:

[09:52:28 22/03/2020 -03] INFO: [Trigger] [client] [POST] Running env_update

I know that env_update failed, it prompted to send a error menssage and i did exactly that (probably the admins receib it). But i was a fool and i don't saved the error message. If you can show me where is saved i can try to recover it and paste in here.

I don't know what to do, i really like to save my sabayon.

Thank you!!
**sorry for my bad english**

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