Everything is on fire after system upgrade

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Everything is on fire after system upgrade

Post by hydran » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:18

Hi there. I am an on-and off again user of Sabayon. I really like the distro, the looks of it, and Rigo and Equo are great. I have fun using it. When it works. Which is not most of the time. That's where the "off again" comes in. Recently I decided to give it another go and downloaded the KDE 19.03 iso and used netbootin to create a USB installer. Which then failed to boot. So I burned the image on a DVD like god intended and got to the live desktop to begin my installation..

The install was fairly easy. I despise it. I despise it because there is no advanced install option which would (probably) assuage a lot of my other issues, which we will get to. I have an Nvidia 1080Ti. When I go through the installer and reboot to my desktop I am under the impression that things are working. Then I try to install steam which prompts an hour-long system upgrade. Reboot. Black screen-white cursor. Hello nouveau, my old nemesis. Remember when I said I want an advanced installer? Why can I not *specifically* tell this thing that I DO NOT WANT the nouveau driver installed? Once that thing is on the system it is a freaking nightmare to get rid of. Sure you can uninstall it but it darn near takes over everything a newb would ever consider. I uninstalled it and installed the nvidia driver and nvidia userspace for my machine and kernel and reboot. Black screen. White cursor. Edited Xorg.conf to load Nvidia. Reboot and got to a desktop. Plasma gives me a notification that plasma renderer is in software mode. Then Plasma crashes. Try to log out but cant because plasma crashes. I reboot from terminal and try running glxgears. Nope won't run. I try steam. Missing libraries. I remove everything Nvidia related and install kernel sources and (apparently successfully) build and install the drivers from Nvidia.com. Reboot and I can't even make it to the login screen.

For a distro billing itself as made for gaming and gamers --- when it can't even properly install the supposedly included Nvidia drivers necessary to do so, is a joke. I am not trying to attack anyone here. I am frustrated because I *really* want to use sabayon and game on the thing but it seems like every time I try to use it long term and update anything (once I am finally able to get the thing to work) everything breaks and I have to start all over. I DO NOT want to use Ubuntu or any variant of it. I have tried and I hate it with a fiery passion. But this distro is absolutely hosed and a frustrating mess to even try, as a newbie, to get working.

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Re: Everything is on fire after system upgrade

Post by dave_64 » Fri Mar 13, 2020 2:19

Did you run: eselect opengl list
If nvidia is listed, but not marked with an asterisk, you need to run:
eselect opengl set nvidia

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