What package format does equo use?

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What package format does equo use?

Post by koesherbacon » Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:20

Hello there. I just upgraded my laptop and I think I want to give Sabayon another chance now that I have more RAM 🐏, but I've got a question about using equo to install binary packages instead of source-based ones.

I want to like Sabayon. I want to love Sabayon. And I want to use only Sabayon as the only distro on my laptop. I've never really been able to successfully do so bc there are several packages that I use all the time on other distros but aren't available with Sabayon's equo package manager.

Though I've used Sabayon in the past I've always managed to wreck it by attempting to combine equo with Gentoo's emerge. (I have read up on how to safely mix the two but it always ends up being a nightmare due to my complete inexpensive with Gentoo). Truth be told, I'm terrified of mixing equo and emerge since it's lead to catastrophic problems for me in the past!

What I'd like to know is what format Sabayon's equo binary packages are. Specifically, I've always had a problem installing these packages, which I can easily install with several other distros
- grub-customizer
- lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings
- light-locker
- nemo-dropbox
- nemo-fileroller
- nemo-engrampa
- gtk-theme-config
- piper (for configuring Logitech gaming-mice)
- and others

Just what is the binary format for equo packages? Is it possible that equo can install 'tar.xz' packages, like Arch is able to? I highly doubt that equo could use neither .deb nor .rpm binary packages, but might as well ask anyway. If equo can install different binary packages, what's the command to do so?

What would you suggest I do in order to install packages that aren't available on the default equo repos? Is there another unofficial repo where I might find these packages and more?

If these aren't available as binary installation packages, could I request them to be made into them by converting those available in Gentoo's repos? I'm guessing this request is a longshot, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

I know this is probably not going to be a simple answer so I'd like to thank you in advance for trying to help me make Sabayon into my one-and-onky distro by answering these questions to the best of your abilities. Thanks so much!
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Re: What package format does equo use?

Post by Alexander88207 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 19:05

Hi koesherbacon :)

To install a package from outside of sabayon, you need to setup portage & layman first.

If you use portage & layman for the first time do: (this syncs the portge & layman repos)

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# emerge --sync
# layman -S
then add the sabayon overlay, so that there are no conflicts during emerging.

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# layman -a sabayon-distro
# layman -S
Now you are ready to emerge things from the portage tree

for example: you could now install lightlocker with

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# emerge light-locker
If you want to install a package that is not in the portage tree but is available on gpo.zugaina.org then you need to add the overlay of that package with layman like we have added the sabayon-distro overlay.

For example:

We want now to install gnome-extra/nemo-fileroller and we see its only on gpo.zugaina.org https://gpo.zugaina.org/gnome-extra/nemo-fileroller

Here we need to add the overlay from calculate, (To get things from (outside) i explain that later if you want)

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# layman -a calculate
# layman -S
Now this package can be emerged

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# emerge nemo-fileroller

You can also try to build your programs from their github, there it is mostly as well explained as here.

For example: https://github.com/libratbag/piper


Last words: Package that are in the portage tree but not in sabayon can be request in a bug report 8)
How to create a sabayon uefi usb device: https://github.com/linuxerus/sabayon-st ... -device.md

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