Nvidia 340xx + kernel LTS

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Nvidia 340xx + kernel LTS

Post by willianholtz » Fri May 10, 2019 12:37

I have some issues with the Kernel and my Nvidia board with proprietary driver, but using the LTS kernel it works fine (in other distros) and I want to make it work here on Sabayon.

I need an updated step-by-step how to install the kernel and Nvidia driver. Because I tried following the wiki tutorials and it did not work, I did not even switch the kernel.

Why do I want to use the Nvidia proprietary driver?
A: Because with it alone I can edit videos in more than 720p

What happens to the current driber in the current kernel?
A: It just does not work, or erases the screen and I have to force the PC reboot (and no, it does not enter TTY mode ctrl + alt + f2)

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