What is it that Linux can do but Windows can’t? Answer Reque

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What is it that Linux can do but Windows can’t? Answer Reque

Postby adrienne224 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:58

At a set of traffic lights in South Yarra your car chassis begins to tremble and your ears are filled with sound. Oh oh, you're in the firing line of a Very Loud Stereo (VLS). And we mean loud. Police are now issuing on-the-spot fines for thumpers who rattle Chapel Street shop windows.The volume is going up: "in-car entertainment", otherwise known as ICE, is fast growing in popularity.

ICE encompasses CD players, televisions, dashboard satellite navigation and Sony PlayStations to keep kids quiet in the back seat. As for car audio though, ICE is more than entertainment, it's a sport. Enthusiasts build systems costing more than the car itself, to compete in dedicated sound-offs where judges assess installation as well as sound quality. What Size Speakers Are In My Car | What Speakers Fit My Car

Then there's dB drag racing, spawned in the US and now building a dedicated following in Australia. The aim has nothing to do with sound quality or installation aesthetics. It's about volume. Competitors vie to produce the most deafening sound, measured in decibels, or dB - so loud, in fact, it can be dangerous to be in the car. Systems are remotely operated, or the control unit is outside the car. The Australian record for dB Drag Racing is 169.3dB. How loud is that? If, for instance, you found yourself under a Boeing 747 at take-off, you would experience 160dB.

Piers Braddock has the car audiophile's dream job. As sales manager for Alpine Australia, his tool of the trade is a company Subaru WRX loaded to the roofline with subwoofers, amps, a full-color display, CD players, neon lights, a video CD player and a TV. More than $20,000 all in. His colleagues at Sony, Pioneer and Clarion all drive custom-made demo cars. "The age of multimedia is here and it's made it to car audio," says Braddock. "There are literally hundreds of consumers who've spent more than $20,000 on their cars."

Some have been known to spend more than $50,000. When was it that an "in-dash wireless" was considered the height of luxury? The quick guide to building your own To build your own, shop around, bargain, make sure the salesperson knows what he's talking about. Tailor your selection to the car: what works for a Holden Commodore may be out of place in a Ford Festiva. Then check with your insurance company that they'll cover you.

Car audio theft is a big business and your best defence is a locked garage. If you're looking to get started, we've put together a system that will cost just under $3000. Head unit - Sony CDX-4180, RRP $449 Avoid head or control units unless they're name brands such as Sony, Kenwood and Pioneer, or (the more expensive) specialised brands such as MTX, Boston Acoustics and Soundstream. Anything over 35watts per channel is pretty good and will give good sound without the need for a separate amplifier.

This Sony has 40 per channel. An RCA pre-out makes attaching an amplifier a whole lot easier if you want to leave that step to later. Cheaper control units don't have detachable faces (to deter thieves). Speakers - Alpine DDC-R17H (front), RRP$549, Alpine DDS-R17G (rear), RRP $319 This is not the time to cut corners. Cheap speakers will give you cheap sound. Choices are endless in size, power handling and design. The most common are cone speakers, where there's a small dome inside a bigger cone (usually circular) which vibrates to create sound. Less mainstream are horn speakers. Component speakers separate the various speaker frequency components, such as the woofer (for deep frequencies, such as a bass drum) and tweeters (for high-pitched sounds, like cymbals). How To Choose Top Best Car Speakers On The Market

Component speakers usually command a price premium but can be worth the spend with their advantages in being able to direct the sound and place the components exactly where you want. That's not to say a single speaker will not sound good. Three-way speakers - where there are three different sized components in the one package - can sound great. Alpine's latest range of DD Drive speakers has a two-way split system with a rating of 150 watts.

They'll be powered by the amplifier to ensure most of the sound comes from the front of the car. In the back there's a pair of three-way 6.5-inch speakers. They will be run directly off the 40 watt-per-channel deck as 'fill', or rear speakers to complete the sound effect. Sub woofer - Pioneer 1000F Bullet Series, RRP $279 This is the source of the pumping, thudding bass that reverberates outside the car, handling bass frequencies which smaller speakers struggle to punch out. Because bass frequencies are non-directional - that is, you can't tell where they're coming from - the 'sub' can be placed more or less anywhere in the car- boots are the most popular location.
The beauty of a sub is that it can be added to the system later, if you buy wisely early on. And if you're happy with the standard sound in your car, you'll be amazed with the improvements just adding a subwoofer can make. Size is not important. A pair of 10-inch subs can give a better result than a single 18-inch, with more defined bass and even more power.

But bear in mind the biggest cost is the amplifier to power it, and you'll also need to pay for an enclosure, or box to house it. Amplifiers - Kenwood KAC846, RRP$499 You wouldn't pull a caravan with a Mini, so get a powerful amp. Kenwood's KAC-846 is a four-channel amp, which means you can run four separate speakers off it or - as we're planning here - run the front speakers off the amp and or combine the last two channels to power the sub-woofer. How to choose the best car speakers Facebook.com

Because the rear set are effectively fill speakers, they can run off the 40W per channel head unit. What else? Alpine has little devices called Bass Engines. Mounted under the front seats, they thump in time with the bass to create the illusion the speakers are creating more sound than they are. Installation A good installation is critical to both the sound and how good the system will look in your car. Some choose a stealth system, hidden from thieving eyes. Others go for the all-show approach, with speakers anywhere there's a spare hole, brand names everywhere and lights a-go-go. You should ask to look at a company's previous work just to make sure; a decent installation will exceed $500.
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Re: What is it that Linux can do but Windows can’t? Answer R

Postby johnnystuff » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:17

Tricky question. I'll start making me a linux-powered coffee and think about it.
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Re: What is it that Linux can do but Windows can’t? Answer R

Postby Lazydog » Wed Sep 20, 2017 16:49

Run reliably.

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