How to create binary packages for (gentoo) overlay?

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Einstok Fair
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How to create binary packages for (gentoo) overlay?

Post by Einstok Fair » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:26

I have several ebuild files in my private overlay. I want to make them available through equo. What I need to read and to do?

I started reading page
but didn't gather all the details yet

As I understood there is only one additional repository for all community ebuilds. What if I want to create my own binary repository?

Found such term as "separate SCR repo"
now I'm reading docs for it

How to view list of available binary packages?
these are packages only from main tree? or from cain tree and community repository? is more clear on this.
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Re: How to create binary packages for (gentoo) overlay?

Post by sabayonino » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:58

Hi . there are few ways to do this.

you can build an gentoo-binary package


Code: Select all

# quickpkg eix
 * Building package for app-portage/eix-0.32.5-r1 ...                                                                                          [ ok ]
 * Excluded config: '/etc/eixrc/00-eixrc'

 * Packages now in '/usr/portage/packages':
 * app-portage/eix-0.32.5-r1: 817K

 * Excluded config files: 1
 * See --help if you would like to include config files.
and then convert package(s) for entropy

Code: Select all

# equo pkg inflate /usr/portage/packages/app-portage/eix-0.32.5-r1.tbz2
╠  @@ generazione del pacchetto di metadati completata: /var/tmp/entropy/app-portage/app-portage:eix-0.32.5-r1.44efbbca1f93836bf1ae733d2865d4433be2621╠  @@ File del pacchetto generato in: /var/tmp/entropy/app-portage/app-portage:eix-0.32.5-r1.44efbbca1f93836bf1ae733d2865d4433be2621b~9999.tbz2

Code: Select all

# equo pkg --help
and install entropy package

Code: Select all

# equo i /var/tmp/entropy/app-portage/app-portage:eix-0.32.5-r1.44efbbca1f93836bf1ae733d2865d4433be2621b~9999.tbz2
but better way is to build your own entropy repository .You can track your packages and its dependencies easily
see my Italian-Howto
It should be fairly clear :mrgreen:

or ... Repository

I suggest to build your packages on an chroot environment (see sabayon.tar.gz tarball)

Einstok Fair
Baby Hen
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Re: How to create binary packages for (gentoo) overlay?

Post by Einstok Fair » Thu Feb 08, 2018 17:23

1) I don't want go with gentoo-bin to entropy conversion, I am an author of some software, and I want to setup typical process, not one-time action.

2) enman is entropy analog of layman, and that I think is important for explaining.
is there an analogue for ? Where are the list of repositories and how to add a repository into it?

3) i still have the question of this topic unsolved

I found some links, like
2016-04-18, mudler, ... es-is.html
one conversation on (the channel is not used since 2016, looks dead)

What I want to see is:
a) picture of the whole process (i.e. databases, boxes for processes and arrows to connect them), starting from EAPI-ebuild till installing with "equo i atom" command
b) list of steps which one need to execute to create such process with explainations
c) some examples on github for private sabayon repository may be

why there are so many names for different things and where to read them in one list?
where one can publish compiled binaries for free?

4) I don't want to put requests to rebuild my package via ... positories
I want to control it's rebuild time myself. That is why I want a separate repository (but integrated into some search like gentoo's repositories are integrated into The documentation mixes terms "Sabayon Community Repositories" and "Community Repository" (i believe, that the last one is just one overlay repository in the list of all available binary repositories, but I can be wrong).

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