Current genkernel configuration for compiling kernel?

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Current genkernel configuration for compiling kernel?

Post by 0x00 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 14:01


I need to change one setting in the sabayon kernel, otherwise I can't access new SMB2 or SMB3 shares as it is not supported :cry:
I have been using this genkernel command line, but the boot process is not the same as with the real sabayon kernel (4.9):

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genkernel --kernel-config=/usr/src/config --menuconfig --splash=sabayon --luks --lvm --bootloader=grub all
(/usr/src/config is from /proc/config.gz from the normal sabayon kernel)

E.g. I have problems that splash is not working properly and I need to enter my passphrase for the encrypted disk multiple times and in KDE i have screen flickering (e.g. when hitting Alt-F2 or other shortcuts) which I don't have when I boot the normal sabayon kernel...

How can I properly recompile the sabayon kernel to behave the same as the version from the repository? I have used this howto but it seems outdated: ... _genkernel

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