how to safely remove kernel and extensions after switch

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how to safely remove kernel and extensions after switch

Post by Multimandala » Mon Jul 28, 2014 15:26

Hello, I've switched kernels with the kernel switcher from 3.14 to 3.15, it went well. [ I'm used to ubuntu terminal by the way and following tutorials ;-) ] my ' problem ' right now is that I have a whole bunch of dependent packages that are present for both kernels, exemple all the virtualbox ones, present for both 3.14 and 3.15. I looked around to find info on how to safely remove old kernels, or mask them, but I did not find easy answers. When I'll upgrade to 3.16 I'd like not to have 3 versions of all these packages around. I went to the rigo manager and I could have deleted the 3.14 sabayon kernel but I chickened out looking at the other stuff that would be removed and I don't feel like breaking my system -- right now I can live with multiple versions of packages but it is not the ideal.

So, any simple equo tutorial to follow to safely remove the older kernels without breaking anything ?


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Re: how to safely remove kernel and extensions after switch

Post by Stupot » Mon Jul 28, 2014 16:17

Once I'm satisfied that a new kernel is working well for me, I simply remove the old kernel, which cleans up anything that depends specifically on that kernel.

I do tend to keep one other kernel just to be safe though.

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Re: how to safely remove kernel and extensions after switch

Post by svantoviit » Mon Jul 28, 2014 20:26

equo cares for everything ;)

Code: Select all

# equo rm -a linux-sabayon:3.14
╠ - Calculating inverse dependencies for x11-drivers/xf86-video-virtualbox-4.3.1╠ \ Calculating inverse dependencies for app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-addition╠ | Calculating inverse dependencies for net-wireless/broadcom-sta-╠ / Calculating inverse dependencies for app-emulation/virtualbox-modules-4.3.12╠  @@ These are the packages that would be removed:
╠  ## [sabayon-weekly] app-emulation/virtualbox-modules-4.3.12#3.14.0-sabayon#3.14.0-sabayon [464.7kB]
╠  ## [sabayon-weekly] app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions-4.3.12#3.14.0-sabayon#3.14.0-sabayon [4.8MB]
╠  ## [sabayon-weekly] x11-drivers/xf86-video-virtualbox-4.3.12#3.14.0-sabayon#3.14.0-sabayon [13.3MB]
╠  ## [sabayon-weekly] net-wireless/broadcom-sta- [6.4MB]
╠  ## [sabayon-weekly] sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.14.13 [155.1MB]
╠  @@ Packages that would be removed: 5
╠  @@ Freed disk space: 180.1MB
╠  @@ Total bandwidth wasted: 66.9MB
     Would you like to proceed ? [Yes/No]
Similar as Stupot, I usually keep 2 kernels. Latest stable and one LTS kernel. 3.14 is the most actual kernel with long term support, see

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