External drive issues

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External drive issues

Post by doc_eggfan » Wed Jul 02, 2014 22:11

Hi all,

Never had this problem before, but external drives are really tempermental at the moment. They either don't get recognised at all, or if they do and I mount them and try to copy data, they just drop out, my copy fails and I can't mount them again.

I noticed when I log out it says "maybe a bad usb cable" but I've tested it on other machines and it's fine.

Maybe there was something I didn't do in the transitions to systemd? I'm using XFCE Sabayon.

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Re: External drive issues

Post by linuxfluesterer » Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:24

Hallo guys.
Here's another observation, I've made...
I've mounted my external, recognised USB3 disk. I can access it. So far, so good. But after resume from supend-to-ram, my (mounted) USB3 ext. disk is no more existing/recognised. I don't get any messages. And I can't access the drive by using Dolphin or other anymore. There is no (more) USB symbol in my system tray.
In root console, this external drive is not displayed when typing:

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fdisk -l
There's only my internal disk (/dev/sda).
I'm using KDE 4.13.2 64bit with Kernel 3.15.1 now.
I remember, there's a history of problems with external disks, especially when USB3. Due to such a problem I have lost my backup media data in last year.

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