Installing Sabayon 14.01 64 bit

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Installing Sabayon 14.01 64 bit

Post by travis82 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:34

I have an asus k45 vm laptop: core i7, 6 gig ram, nvidia 630 graphic card and I want install sabayon 14.01 64 bit edition on it. but i cant, after i choose installing sabayon the screen goes black and nothing occure. I can install it by virtualbox in my windows 7 sytem but direct installing on laptop does not work. I guess this is something about detecting my graphic card by installer, please help me, I love this distro, how could I install sabayon alongside windows 7 in my laptop
sorry for my english

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Re: Installing Sabayon 14.01 64 bit

Post by batvink » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:58



NVIDIA Legacy GPU drivers are incorrectly configured, fix and workaround issued Bug 4529
In comment 3 of that bugreport, Lxnay explains howto fix this.
But i believe that in step 4 of comment3,
the command should be: systemctl restart display-manager

Good luck

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