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Opinions for new install?

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 23:14
by heathen
I ordered a new laptop. The specs listed are, in a nutshell: Intel Pentium 2020M processor, 2.40GHz, 2MB Cache,
4GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory, Intel GMA HD Graphics, 750GB SATA hd.
It also comes with Win7, and I plan on installing SL 14 as dual boot.
What I'm asking opinions for is I'm debating between Gnome or KDE and am not really sure the pro's/con's between both.

I've been running Mate dual boot with Win7 starter on a little netbook with an Intel Atom n2600, 1.6ghz, 1mb cache, 1gb ram, and that damn GMA 500 graphics card. I'm thinking of backing everything up, wiping the drive (or at least the win partition), and making the netbook dedicated linux, and the new one dual boot.

Also, when I first installed SL (I think 10, I still have the iso somewhere) on the netbook I first created sections on the partition for home/root/swap ahead of time like I had learned to do for Ubuntu before that. Should I need to do that for fresh install of SL 14 as well, or will it make it's own?

Re: Opinions for new install?

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 23:56
by Fitzcarraldo
Regarding GNOME vs. KDE, why don't you create LiveDVDs or LivePenDrives of both editions, and try them both out for a week or two before actually installing? That way you'll get a feel for them both and be able to make your own comparison.

I use KDE on my main laptop, and Xfce on a couple of other laptops. Xfce is another good DE to consider, actually, and it is very usable these days, albeit not quite as configurable as KDE. If you want to know more about KDE, you may be interested to read the following couple of blog posts I wrote regarding my own KDE installation: A guided tour of my KDE 4.8.4 desktop (Part 1) & A guided tour of my KDE 4.8.4 desktop (Part 2), which are basically still applicable to the latest release of KDE (4.12.0).

Regarding your question about setting up partitions, the SL Installer can do that for you if you want, or you can set up all the partitions manually instead if you want (that's what I prefer to do, actually, as it seems to make installation more likely to succeed on the machines on which I have installed SL). You can do the latter before running the installer or within the installer, as you wish. I usually do it before, using GParted.

Re: Opinions for new install?

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 19:47
by heathen
Fitz, Thankyou.
That's probably what I'm going to do. I've just found that running an installed system for while is certainly a bit different than running from a live disk. I'm the kind of person that likes to read reviews on things i guess, and am not really sure how else to get that.
Love your blog. Still being a bit of a greenhorn there are things I don't understand, but I'll figure stuff out in time. Now to remember how to set up my partitions... it's been almost a year and I've slept since then. :roll: