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Post by rekinchin » Sun Jan 05, 2014 16:07

I use knotes to keep important data easy access. But they didnt stick between sessions. Then as if by magic an accidental click somewhere near kickoff app launcher and the note popped up slightly different from the original note in that it had a sidebar that would appear when hovered over and it remained stuck for all boots and sessions. Then (typical for me) a boot failed and I lost the desktop along with the sticky. Now I cant get it back.

Does anyone know what that sticky was or how to maintain knotes between sessions?

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Re: knotes

Post by Honeyman » Sun Jan 05, 2014 23:51

Hi rekinchin!!

First a disclaimer: my reply will not solve your problem. I had similiar issues with Knotes, between package upgrades always some information stored in the notes was lost -- quite annoying!!!!

I switched to Zim for keeping notes, this is a desktop wiki with a perfectly working GUI interface, but you can also edit the wiki syntax in a text editor like Gedit or Kate. There you can choose where the notes get stored (I think they are plain text files), normally under ~/.zim/YOUR_NOTES_HERE which makes it possible to copy or link it into an OwnCloud- or Dropbox-folder for sharing your notes between different computers.

The config-files are to be found in the directory ~/config/zim/CONFIGURATION_FILES_HERE.
So can even share your custom layouts, keyboard-shortcuts, etc. between your computers.

A lot easier to backup than Knotes where I failed to succeed, some or most of the data gets stored in the Akonadi-database making this a lot trickier.
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