XServer doesn't use radeon [Solved]

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XServer doesn't use radeon [Solved]

Postby garyletshurry » Sun Dec 01, 2013 16:38

Hello there,

After some distro-hopping I'm now trying to settle down with Sabayon. But as usual I'm facing one problem I just don't get solved, and that is that the radeon-driver doesn't seem to be used by the XServer.
It is loaded when the system itself is started, as I can tell from the output of dmesg (although there are some error messages).
But when I looking at the output of glxinfo, it shows me that it uses the fallback software solution and the cpu-usage in Grnome 3 is also quite high.
After some research I read about a problem with xrandr, when the maximum resolution is too high (as it seems currently). But I'm not really sure, if that is the cause nor how to fix that.

What I actually did so far is installing the system, updated everything afterwards and then switched to systemd (as it was recommended when using Gnome 3).

I appreciate any further help.
Hopefully it this is the right area for this topic, as I am really new to Sabayon (or even Gentoo in general :wink:)

Of course I have some logfiles/output here:
glxinfo: http://pastebin.sabayon.org/pastie/15265
dmesg | grep radeon: http://pastebin.sabayon.org/pastie/15266
xrandr: http://pastebin.sabayon.org/pastie/15267
Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.sabayon.org/pastie/15269

Edit: I've forgotten the xorg-log, and just discovered that there's also the 'ati'-module loaded (as far as I know the proprietary driver). Is that a problem, or could this be somehow related?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: XServer doesn't use radeon

Postby Stupot » Sun Dec 01, 2013 22:30

What's the output of:
Code: Select all
eselect opengl list

If it's ati, it's attempting to use the proprietary driver. Change it to xorg-11
Code: Select all
# eselect opengl set xorg-11

rename xorg.conf
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# mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak

and reboot.
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Re: XServer doesn't use radeon

Postby garyletshurry » Wed Dec 04, 2013 22:15

Thank you for your reply.

The output told me that it was already set to xorg-11 and I already tryed to boot with an empty xorg.conf.

But I had to reinstall anyway and now it is working fine.
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