Annoying issues

If you are new to Linux or new to Sabayon Linux and just not sure where to post, here ya go. Post without fear of being told to RTFM :-)

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Annoying issues

Postby Steffoman » Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:21

Annoying issues:

1. Sabayon, as all other Linux distros, adds itself as default boot option in dualboot with Windows without asking the user first. No respect for users at all... :?

2. No way to easily, in graphical mode, to alter default boot option when booted into Sabayon. Why not copy the way it is done in f.ex Windows ? :evil:

3. The lack of a real startmenu in the GNOME-version of Sabayon. (I removed Ubuntu for that reason, and skipped Windows 8.x for the same reason). I'm NOT interested in seeing large icons filling my screen ! :twisted:

4. Wanted to install Firefox, but when chosen that it started to install everything instead... Poor userinterface ! :?

5. Seen in this forum that Sabayon still doesn't seem to update Nvidia drivers during kernelupdate. :?

(Note that i have been with Windows since NT4 and want a similar userinterface. Not being in a BS-terminal to do things that could have been done in a graphical mode or even automatically like what i mentioned in #5 ! This is why Linux never will be a default OS to Linux-beginners that are used to Windows.)

Except that Sabayon seems to work well and is a pleasant OS ! :D
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Re: Annoying issues

Postby dave_64 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:52

On issue # 1, you might be interested in my post at:
On issue # 4, I suspect that your installation of firefox would have been much easier if you had first done a system upgrade. On the other hand, having installed firefox and all it's dependencies, your system upgrade will probably require a lot fewer packages.
On your "Note". Don't give up on the terminal. It has bailed me out many times. It may seem confusing at first, but, eventually, you will "get it".
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Re: Annoying issues

Postby linuxfluesterer » Thu Sep 26, 2013 13:16

What do you expect from a Linux distribution?
We do not compare with Windows. Exactly because of Windows, we have a lot of problems, because all hardware producers support mostly only Windows drivers.
And more, when you buy a notebook, so, why Windows is almost (pre) installed? That is NO respect to the customers, and this is due to a MS policy, which is not really legal.
So, using Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, SuSE, Redhat, Sabayon and so on) is a decision which respects the user, which encourages the user to take responsibility for his hardware and operating system. Maybe read this here:

And we are conscious of the fact, that Linux will never be accepted neither at beginners (though why not, you don't need Windows to learn KDE or Gnome, really!) nor at those who say, "In Windows can... why Linux can not ...?).
Exactly, tell me honestly, where does Windows really bring fun??? I don't know. But to discover the variety of my Linux distro (here Sabayon 13.09) and its DE (KDE 4.11.1) is a pleasure for me.
And here is my sign:

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE ...)
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Re: Annoying issues

Postby gocool » Thu Sep 26, 2013 19:42

adding to what linuxfluesterer has metioned...
let me add something from a total noob perscpective, I request others to chip in if I am wrong :

1. to get to linux you need to have a different bent of mind, it will get you to love your machine. How many windows users can say that they have been using the same machine for a decade (stats say that every two years an average windows users dumps his computer and get a new one)? My laptop will complete 10 years next year, the first year of purchase saw to the death of my machine (it had Windows Vista in it), and then I turned to Sabayon and the only way I can kill my machine now, is to smash it with a hammer. I won't say it was a smooth ride all along, but it was definitely a fun ride.

2. In Linux you have lot's of Desktop Environments to suit your taste, if you need something with a windows like start button, you can opt for LXDE, XFCE, KDE etc.
KDE has a rich interface and has lot's of eye candy. So basically you as a user is the master.
My machine has LXDE,KDE, GNOME, Flux, XBMC Media Center all installed for the fun of it

3. Here since it's a rolling release all you do is install the software from their repository and sit back and relax (well sort of). And all you do is when ever you get an update, you just update it blindly (so as to speak) and the update will make sure that your entire system is updated. Think of it like your security updates in windows, but here, you have your security, applications, desktop environment, kernel everything getting updated to the latest and greatest. So you think you need the new firefox, just do your system update and it will update everything for you (including firefox). There might be times that the firefox you have is not the latest than the one out there, I would say just take it easy and wait and very soon it will be pushed it out to you. Well you always have other ways to install it, but why bother.

The catch is you just update your machine regulary and make sure you don't fall behind on your updates. And I would say why not, it's free after all. From Win Vista to Win 8, how many times you would have shelled out the money to get the latest and the greatest? I started out with Sabayon 5 or 6 and now I am in Sabayon 13, not a single penny spent. And not to mention the speed is still uncompromised (which again falls back to the point 1 I have made earlier, that the only way to kill my machine is to take a hammer and break it).

4. The best thing to happen to Sabayon (or any linux) is the terminal. Just give some time and you will pray for what it is. I crashed my Win Vista and there was no way I could have restored it apart from putting the recovery CD and losing all the data (even that failed for some unknown reason). And that prompted me to try Sabayon and ever since I am big fan of it, not to mention that I have crashed Sabayon many times (not becaz Sabayon was bad, but it increased my intellect in such a way that I started to meddle with the system to know more) and every time its this "terminal" which came to my rescue and touch wood - I have never lost a single data in this whole journey.

I know your frustration, for windows always spoon fed us and we expect the same every where. But in the process what we are loosing is our abilities. An average linux noob is a windows guru.
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Re: Annoying issues

Postby rekinchin » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:35

I too am a newbie to Linux. Used unix on sparc's in the 80's before windows even existed then windows since win95. I too found windows to be over bloated and seemingly designed to ensure you have to update your hardware every couple of years and window8 is unfriendly to all that don't have touch screens. So installed sabayon 2 weeks ago as a dual boot. It was "almost" painless I was apprehensive about reorganizing partions to make room for it but when I took the plunge it worked first time. Updates too ages but were automatic, then installed my fav apps (firefox thunderbird etc). even have a couple of windows apps working under wine. I use KDE.

things are different finding where stuff is can be hard but google and here is great for help. But anyone thats lived through all the MS office changes should know that windows is not plane sailing either with all its bugs too and here if there are bugs they get fixed no chance with any microsoft products.

I have a stable OS that just works and I can use my PC for everything I want just as "easy" as windows and I know I can go under the hood if I want too.

So persevere think of it as a simple learning curve and get a great free OS
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