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Mate v Gnome v Kde etc

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:27
by viking1au
New to these forums & need to check before downloading, the difference between the Gnome, Mate etc versions. -- Once upon a time I had Ubuntu 9.10, with drop down boxes from the top & liked it. Then I later moved to Mint to get away from the (new) Unity desktop. - Mint 11 (mate) was good. It allowed me to set up Wobbly Windows super fast & easy, and it never played up. Then, as Mint moved on, they started stripping out the nice eyecandy features. Now Wobbly Windows are a pain & need to be re-set at every start-up. - There is an application for this but it does not work.
This aside, I like the look of Mint (mate) and choice of colours in themes etc, as well as their mate desktop. What worries me is that I have seen software running the mate banner, that drops down from the top, like the old Ubuntu 9.10, so there seems no consistency. -- I have wanted a site where I could try out all these looks.
As far as I can tell, I do not like KDE or XFCE desktops. - Can anyone enlighten me, and will Sabayon still give me Wobbly Windows, reliably. - I want to change as I do not like the direction Mint is heading in.-It is becoming less reliable, fixes are not getting done, it will not run Google Earth, Synaptic goes faulty...... It is getting worse, not better, and I have had enough.
I should add that I do not like these black background style of pages.
Regards all.
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Re: Mate v Gnome v Kde etc

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 13:53
by life-on-mars
I think all you have to do is to install Compiz Fusion and use it as your window manager. Install it and try out compiz --replace (if I recall that correctly) to see if it works. Then install the compiz config panel and you have all eye candies you wish for.