How do I fix my notification area?

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How do I fix my notification area?

Postby Southern Gorilla » Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:04

I have searched the net and this forum and I can't find anything to tell me how to fix what I screwed up. I just installed Sabayon from a live DVD I bought from I got the Xfce version since my laptop is pathetically underpowered. I did all the updates as recommended on the wiki, some 226 out of date files if I remember correctly. If more background is needed I will try to provide it.

My problem is my system tray/notification area. I was modifying panels to get the desktop the way I wanted it. I couldn't add a new notification area to the bottom panel like I wanted. I figured only one notification area was allowed at a time. So I deleted the notification area from the default panel on the side. I then added the notification area to the bottom panel. I thought I would be able to just select applications to populate this area the same way I can select programs to populate a launcher. But the known applications list is completely empty. How do I add applications to the list? I had most of the expected notification icons before I deleted the original notification area. So I know the applications are there. I just don't know how to reactivate the notifications. I'm assuming there's a config file I have to edit.
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