version bump requests in Bugzilla

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version bump requests in Bugzilla

Post by wintux » Sun Mar 24, 2013 0:06

does it make sense to request a version bump for entropy if a newer version is even not present in the portage repositories?
Or do I have to request at Gentoo's site first?
(I wonder why the most recent version of ANTLR v3 is 3.1.3-r2 (from 2009!) in Sabayon's entropy- and Gentoo's portage-repos. In January version 3.5 was released.)

I recently filed a version bump request for gcc 4.7.2 . When looking through the list of all open requests I noticed that some are obviously outdated (Libreoffice 4, tb 17.0.3, klavero 1.94, puppet 3.0.1, enlightenment 0.16.99...) but have status UNCONFIRMED.
Is it a good idea to send a hint with those outdated bug numbers to [email protected], or not :?: :?

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Re: version bump requests in Bugzilla

Post by Stupot » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:22

bumping major things like gcc is going to be strictly controlled. You can't just go bumping the system wide compiler on a (derived from) gentoo box.

Most of the time version bumps follow the portage tree (albeit slightly delayed). Once things look like they are working correctly, they are pushed from the sabayon-limbo repo to the mainline.

If you can find an ebuild for the newer version of ANTLR, you can get it added into the Sabayon overlay and then added into entropy.

Other than that, there is no point in filing a bug request for a version bump. They'll get there when they get there.

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