Window non-restoration. How to query bugzilla effectively?

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Window non-restoration. How to query bugzilla effectively?

Post by LichPortal » Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:13

In Sabayon 11, Xfce environment, I start several xterm windows, then resize and place them where I want them. Then I logout.

Upon login, I find the xterm windows are all recreated with correct size, but 1 or 2 are placed incorrectly. I'm wondering whether this is a bug, or something I've done wrong. (I thought I'd gone through all the setting preferences stuff thoroughly.)


1) Is this an obvious something-I-did-wrong ?

If not, then...

2) How does one use bugzilla to find out if this is already a known bug. I.e., what keywords should one try for this?

3) And do I need to search also among the bugs on the Gentoo and Xfce main websites?

Any help/education greatly appreciated... :mrgreen:

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