Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

If you are new to Linux or new to Sabayon Linux and just not sure where to post, here ya go. Post without fear of being told to RTFM :)

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Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

Post by dentman » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:32

I've been using it for a year now and still I find I have to do without many simple built in functions of better OS's.
If Ultimate Edition 3.5 KDE wasn't so damn ugly I would just simply leave and come back in a year or two. I like Sabayon for it's rock steady running but for the love of hockey why is it so hard to install Virtualbox? To update to the new version etc? Why when I installed the new version would it not allow me to select my 3 hard drives and use my seperate Home and just go! WHY? I had to choose the one drive and then Fstab blah blah blah why? Most Os's will do all this in the blink of an eye.

Tried to install Virtualbox in my S11 new install and now it wants me to copy log files etc etc to get support. It seems to be failing to build Version 4.2.8.

Before this my S10 was in some fight over keywords or blindfolds or some strange Gentoo thing. I never got that resolved.

HP printer? Come on! forget that.

Ipod touch 3rd gen (old) yeah right. The linux tools corrupted it so bad i had to do 2 restores to get it to work. WHY?

I have a baby and a house to run I don't have hours to fiddle with a system to get very basic features. If I did have the free time I might blow some weeknights learning heaps of only useful to Sabayon skills but I just don't. I like to try new distros and learn linux skills but I need a system that won't shut me out.

Is Sabayon ever going to be more user friendly?


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Re: Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

Post by steffie » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:39

i see there no complications in the Sabayon Distri

if there comes trouble with some things i can ask some people in irc, put my brain in the very fat gentoo-wiki or make a question in the forums.

All is open and easy to use and become help

if i spend a little bit of my time nothing is really complicated, no system is able to solve problems by it self...

hope you find a solution for yourself...

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Re: Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

Post by Ryuno-Ki » Tue Mar 05, 2013 16:16

Hm, Sabayon works for me. Okay, I hadn't spent time checking printer functionality, yet, but concerning VirtualBox there is a wiki article about it, which works.
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Re: Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

Post by Stupot » Tue Mar 05, 2013 18:27

dentman wrote: Is Sabayon ever going to be more user friendly?
Yes, we have a "be more user friendly" goal scheduled for Q4 2013, but work won't start on that until Q3. :roll:

But, in all seriousness, if you have an issue, open up a thread and we'll do our best to help you. Nothing you've written about actually seems all that hard. HP printer? Install hplip.

Issues installing VirtualBox? There's a guide in the wiki as Ryuno-Ki pointed out.

iPod being corrupted? That doesn't sound like a Sabayon-specific issue. What application are you using? Amarok seems to work flawlessly with my iPod Nano (4th Gen).

I'm sorry you feel like you are running into problems that you don't have time to fix, and maybe ranting for a bit makes you feel better, but we can't help you solve all your problems with a post like that. And of course, we are always trying to make Sabayon as user-friendly as possible. But Sabayon is just a distro. We aren't in control of development for all of these applications and have to do our best with what is available to us.

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Re: Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

Post by dave_64 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:48

One of the reasons I switched to Sabayon was that they were the first ones to achieve the 3D desktop "out of the box". Red Hat and Suse had a 3D desktop "available", but it was very difficult for me, a newbie, to jump through all the hoops to get there. I figured the Sabayon developers must be pretty good. The package manager in those days was gentoo's "portage", and it was a bit of a challenge, but worth it. I haven't tried any other distro since Sabayon 2.5.

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Re: Why are things so complicated with Sabayon?

Post by Butch Cassidy » Wed Mar 06, 2013 13:50

Good luck with the quest to find 'the perfect distro' . Takes time to find a distro that works 99% of the time out of the box for your unique circumstances (hardware used) and you may, or may not, find one. And invariably you'll still have to do a little work, somewhere, it's a lucky end user who encounters zero problems. It's the nature of the Linux desktop beast. Things to bear in mind though..

- Apple are the world's worst offenders for locking people in, don't ever be surprised if something doesn't work to it's full potential. It's a miracle Linux does as well as it does - you've got a problem with that? ..don't buy Apple products that lock you in.

- HP printers probably have the best / widest Linux support out there. If your particular machine doesn't work you've been very unlucky (assuming you've got HPLIP installed). I've always bought a HP printer model based on Linux user feedback which is worth bearing in mind if you ever shop for a new one.

Sabayon is certainly one of the more user friendly options available to people out of the box, and it's stable. I do understand time is at a premium for a lot of people. The wiki does need re-organising designed around newbies accessing information quickly and efficiently (but that also applies to every other linux distro and tech forums in general), but on the whole the information you need is there or in the forum search.

Failing that just stick to a Windows dual boot setup which is what most people do. Split your time as you see fit between the two (work-a-day and hobby)

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