New Installation: problem and request

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New Installation: problem and request

Postby duffer » Sun Dec 30, 2012 22:49

I installed sabayon 10 today. It was a very polished, user-friendly
installation. The developers deserve congratulations. It really
deserves to be higher-up in the distrowatch rankings.

I was able to get it running pretty well by copying the config files
in the /home directory that I had saved from my ubuntu 12.04 os,
and installing what I needed to fill out the installation.

I ran into a problem with crontab. When I type crontab -l, instead
of getting an empty crontab screen, I get:

cannot chdir(/var/spool/cron), bailing out.
/var/spool/cron: Permission denied

Can anyone suggest a fix?

Most of the programs I needed were in the repositories, but two
of them, mixmaster and exim4, were not, and I need them for any
os I run.

I am not technically inclined, but I gave a try at compiling
mixmaster from source; naturally it did not work, and I do not
intend to try it again.

Is there any chance that those two programs could be ported to the
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Re: New Installation: problem and request

Postby sabayonino » Mon Dec 31, 2012 0:14

add your user to cron and crontab groups
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# gpasswd -a <your_user> cron

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# gpasswd -a <your_user> crontab

reboot X-session

edit user cronjob
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$ crontab -e

and show all user's cron jobs
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$ crontab -l
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Re: New Installation: problem and request

Postby svantoviit » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:12

exim4 is called just exim in gentoo/sabayon and you can install it wit equo
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equo install exim

if you miss a package, you can file a bug
but I doubt mixmaster will be added, there's no ebuild and upstream has been inactive for over 5 years
you can try it with mixminion instead, there's at least an ebuild
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[Solved] New Installation: problem and request

Postby duffer » Mon Dec 31, 2012 13:21

Thank you for the replies. I'll file a bug regarding mixmaster, and run the fixes you specified for the other problems.
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