trouble with intalling oracle jre8

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trouble with intalling oracle jre8

Post by thegreg » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:05

Hello, i'm new in this forum, and in sabayon.
I have trouble with installing oracle jre 1.8.0 in this system.
I downloaded the jre-8-ea-bin-b64-linux-i586-08_nov_2012.tar.gz package, tar xzf, then moved jdk1.8.0 folder to my /opt.
Now in Debian it was just update-alternatives, and link for mozilla plugin.
How do i install it in Sabayon? i tried :

sudo eselect java-vm set system /opt/jre1.8.0/bin/java_vm

but the message is:

!!! Error: Target "/opt/jre1.8.0/bin/java_vm" doesn't appear to be valid!

Please help.

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Re: trouble with intalling oracle jre8

Post by hieronimus » Wed Nov 14, 2012 17:39

Try to find ebuild and use

to choose VM.
If there is no ebuild you should to become staying in a meditative condition and wait for ebuild or write this ebuild by yourself. It is shouldn't be very difficult.

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