Kernel 3.6+ Mesa 9.0-devel ATI Driver = cool [Solved]

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Re: Kernel 3.6+ Mesa 9.0-devel ATI Driver = cool + !!

Postby videOMoviEShine » Mon Nov 05, 2012 23:31

Hi Stupot,

You are telling me the truth, i am shure. And indeed there are still many things i don't understand about Linux and so on. So this evening i don't want to go further, altough my system is still running (amazing!!). Kernel-Switcher i have to learn how to do in the right way. So my problems are not "really dramatically" that is the point i understood.

It is a bit like this, maybe you remember your "first Linux Steps" :mrgreen: you want to go further than it is possible as a "Greenhorn" at the moment. So, i keep in memory what you said !! But, that looks like for me :D ... Sabayon Linux is the beginning of a longer "friendship" so that is something i am shure about. Anyway, this new install was good, because the Harddisk change makes sense. I separated my partitions in "/boot" + "/" + "/usr" + "/var" + "/home" + "/swap" with "UUID". In case something goes totally wrong again, i hope to be like this more on the "safe side". I like this community and i was very astonished, how quickly came response today !!

Thanks for answering and showing me "realistic" what is to focus at !!

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Re: Kernel 3.6+ Mesa 9.0-devel ATI Driver = cool + !!

Postby videOMoviEShine » Wed Nov 07, 2012 19:35

Hi again,

indeed, i am still „Newbie“ , also here in Forum. Sorry my behaving and confusion. Confusion is most bad in „essentials of linux“ …i realized... therefore i am writing now this, because (also) i saw cuple of views on this last days, a „happy end“ in fglrx install success would be nice to post, also in controversing my own words, i say now:

depending on individual needings, Sabayon 10 KDE with Kernel 3.6 + works nearly same easy with closed source amd-videocard drivers then ,according my headline of this threat (!), the opensource „out of the box“ versions.

Primary i write this now, because i would like to put here a finally [Solved] !! my problem is, i have no time at the moment, until next week, to restart in a clear „step by step“ way, without confusion the (!!) (kernel-switch) fglrx Driver installation with success.

I am maybe stupid (in some easy things) and i suggest moving to fglrx AMD-Driver on Kernel 3.5 or better 3.6 is done if you „knowhow“ in a view minutes and easy optimal result.

Anyway, i found a mistake in how i used nano commands after reading this now ... _xorg.conf

Other thing to „clear“ writing this, not like Stupot sugessted … this working fgrlx Driver with kernel 3.5 was running on another harddisk and not on in this thread, described new Sabayon installation.

Sorry my „talking long“ i just want to say that i like this unique Sabayon Linux because i don't know any other Distro combining so good „Newbie friendly“ and advanced highend features, and therefore i would like, with maybe a primary look from a Forum Admin (!!), to write a little „step by step guide“ how i finally suceeded + clearing the confusion i made here !! if the forum here would like it (??)

...i could not find this „all in one“ actual „step by step guide“ maybe it exists already (??) for new („confused“ ) „Newbies“ like me … other Users maybe never need this...

If you like, see on this thread next week a [Solved] (i try my best !) and maybe if i manage and Forum Admins here like it ?! a little „step by step guide“ written from me for „people like me“ …

Ciao :-)
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Re: Kernel 3.6+ Mesa 9.0-devel ATI Driver = cool + !!

Postby videOMoviEShine » Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:02

Hi again ... sorry my delay !!

Since i try to end up with success, about what i was talking previous on this posting = still missing at least a [Solved] !! ...because i know, how important that is, "don't forget that" is in my mind. In real life mostly, on Sabayon Linux (sometimes :)) things develop different as expected ...though afterwards often to see, how "reality" teaches the best way ... Sabayon Linux is more "Smart & Nice" towards "Linux Newbies" as those "normally" would expect …:)

Thanks to Ixnay + Developers + Community again !!

Last week i saw KDE 4.9.3 updates hit Sabayon Limbo Repos + reaching Sunday Night on Sabayon main (stable) Repositories. Causing this "upgrade" ... i decided to wait with my "fglrx" switch ...altough i saw equo commandline changing general i was using "Sulfur Entropy Store" before ... but since 2 days ... with new amazing:
"Ixnay Supertalent Code Developement" !! i started to "like" what i was a bit "afraid before" = changing / installing / updating Sabayon Linux, using only „equo“ Commands in root Console = ... i like the "new Syntax" because:

easy to learn + light + all Essentials included the same as powerful + stable + efficient + working speed !!

"Commandline" Newbies like me ...following today with fascination "equo upgrade -v -a" Beauty MultiColor Code Upgrade Process KDE 4.9.2 - 4.9.3 on Konsole ... in between of "Bits & Bytes" (dancing over my Screen) there is to see some additional emerge / Portage Tips + short HowTo's. For me a bit irritating, while i am only using "equo commands" ...although a Newbie wants to learn first "Entropy only" methods.

Anyway, my delay here seems to have a sense ... i recognized watching this amazing Upgrade today, how many optimations are coming along with it ... "Equo" commandline looks "less" on the first quick view + gives "more" on a second view ... Since i saw this today ... Rigo = cool for quick "inbetween" installing / update ...but to many Mouse - Klicks have to be done compared to new "equo" in Commandline !!

Back to Headline of this posting: still i believe = Mesa devel ATI Gallium Drivers = cool !! they work as a Opensource Driver "great" + "easy out of the box" on Sabayon 10 !!

Getting fglrx ATI drivers to work, is the best solution for some "Hardware accellerated" Video encoding / opencl / Stuff + latest OpenGL extensions + optimized 3D (Game) speed a "must have" for me !! specially for Video encoding.

Today while watching Sabayon real " magic of (new) equo commands" ... updating Sabayon kernel 3.6 r1 - 3.6 r3 afterwards automatic update "grub + config files " with "auto inbuild intelligence" + a perfect reboot to a updated KDE Desktop ... everything seems to work perfect !! i got "in touch" again with Sabayons "Newbie friendly" Distro inbuild behaving !!
Now ...with new "improvements" and better KDE !! ...beside a lot of other things i have todo at the moment ... The "switch" to AMD fgrlx Drivers:

is indeed what i never managed until now on Linux ... therefore, only "safely methods" i want to try ... unlike this Wiki: ... in_Sabayon

Same as some "Gentoo fgrlx install methods" not written for Linux Newbies, i suggest.

(Funny) Detail beside: since i am still frightened about manual fglrx install ... other Linux Newbies (maybe) similar. Previously, i had Sabayon "out of the box" fglrx drivers running ... i suggest: there must be a "simple and easy "Entropy only" !! installation method, beside the Gentoo way ! Also on Kernel 3.6 + "nomodeset"
According my "previous postings" ... i still have the idea for a little "HowTo Guide" ... as a said before: Maybe this exists already, i could not find it until now (!!) ... "Best Off" Web/Wiki /Forum Links already describing: "Safely non - Portage" (!!) fglrx - installation" including actual !! HOWTO's in case it goes "wrong" ... from scratch & easy to understand & Step by Step Method ... what is all ToDo, to prepare ,to think at ?? before a (safely) reboot into working "fglrx graphic-drivers" !

Any good Tips + Web (Wiki) links + "Newbie compatible" HowTo's = would be helpfull now for me.
Meanwhile Mesa is still "cool" + has a better 2D Performance !

After all frustration = i have too and i want too (!) learn + understand "Propietary" ATI Driver Installation on new Sabayon Kernels.

Because (funny detail beside, isn't it :)) this exactly was, how i started to like Sabayon = "easiest fglrx out of the box" i ever saw on a Linux Distro !!

Sorry again ! ...from a special "green" + (a bit) stupid /(:-)) - Baby Chicken ...maybe hardly "understanding" ...what other Newbies learn "quick & easy" ... (?) ... as i already said ... i will try to write a "easy HowTo" + Happy End here !!

Some "Technology Hens" here ... probably start to laugh ... maybe i am (?) too stupid for understanding "easy commands" :mrgreen: Please remember: Everything about Linux/Unix "Bits & Bytes", is maybe "super easy" after you learned it ... but until you reach that point, it can be "sometimes difficult + abstract" ... especially for "Newbies" !!

Focussing now: easy + safely + learn success = afterwards: ""easier as i thought"" = Linux getting more popular !!
Every "happy.on.linux" User, brings after a while people (friends, frustrated Windows Users searching for alternatives etc.) towards "using Linux" = "a better future is possible"

Find/write a Mini - Guide as i described ... this kind of "Special Guide" it is, what i am looking for, since first steps on Linux some Months ago ... due to a lot of "frustration with other Distros" until my first
"Super easy out of the Box" fglrx running expierience = End of August 2012, Sabayon Linux KDE amd64 with Kernel 3.5 r7 ...without any switching/driver changing ... described in my initial "first posting" here in forum:

Give me some more Days … + any „helpful“ links i am collecting now ... Thanks ! for any „clear + easy + „Baby Hen“ compatible Tips / Infos / Weblinks ...

KISSmeEASY + HowTo „tune up“ a „Sabayon Linux Ferrari“ !!

Optimal working video drivers is that, where i only want to go !!

Ciao :)
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