Virtual Box Blues!

If you are new to Linux or new to Sabayon Linux and just not sure where to post, here ya go. Post without fear of being told to RTFM :-)

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Virtual Box Blues!

Post by BBOSAK2143 » Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:32

Thanks to some very knowledgeable members on Sabayon's channel, Virtualbox is running like a charm. I am now writing this as to que new members that might experience the same troubles. Most Linux distributions(using Gnome) have the option when right-clicking a folder to use your password to get admin privileges to folders and files that need to be changed. In this version of LInux the only possible way for those privileges to be obtained is via the terminal. Do not su and password. You must issue the command sudo nautilus. A small login screen will appear then type your password in then you can access the files that need change. There are a few wiki's on the installation of virtualbox but for those of us, that are not as smart as those writers I will now describe what needs to be done. Will add that this might not apply to those using the KDE desktop since command shell is a little different! In Gnome you still follow the Wiki but up to the point of nano /etc/conf.d/modules. When using the terminal the following information will be saved to a separate file instead of the original, creating a file. If you have chosen auto-login it is a definite the file will be blown off on boot. You must enter the line modules="vboxdrv vboxnetflt vboxnetadp" manually thru using nautilus into the file located in /etc/conf.d/modules. Also make sure you do not add # before that line since that command negates the line. I mention this cause I foolishly did that!

Another woe for those of us using Gnome that leads us to believe our video drivers are not correct is as follows. Sabayon9 is geared towards a continual update of its repo via Entropy. (Applies to us Gnome users) As this continual update interferes with window-switching abilities of the Gnome Shell it is best to disable notifications on the right side under your name. I learned this all the very hard way! At first I thought drivers were bad, then I blamed the Gnome Weather Applet. After trying many different things(also lost system over my poor judgements!) I examined the problem thoroughly and noticed immediately after Entropy was notifying all updates were current "Snap and get the grey screen with the big Oops on it" So apparently there is a conflict between the every couple minute nag of letting you know you're up to date and Gnome Shell dumpin. So please don't blame your drivers since am here to say there is no hassles between Virtualbox and Sabayon9 and works smoother than I have ever experience on a 64bit Linux. For those that do not use Virtualbox will explain it is a major user of your graphics card and generally plays with it! On Sabayon is very easy to manuever inside virtualbox which is super rare with Linux systems of the 64bit kind! Also shows your graphics card is working properly!!!

Now for a nice little bonus for those of us using Gnome. Search for the shell extension in the repo with Rigo. The extension will cut out the two stage shutdown. Once the extension is installed, it leaves you with the option of adding shutdown to the user window on the right hand side! Will say sure love that extension!!! If I remembered the exact file name would list it so I apologize for not writing the name down. Is towards the end of the list on Rigo when searching "gnome". Also if "Rigo" does not have what you are looking for, do not try to install manually. Sabayon9 with its newer kernel has to have all configured properly. Manual installation can lead to files being misplaced. Another thing I learned the hard way!

Now for some of us that may be students(College) or those that just need to get to websites that are prejudiced against Chrome and Linux. Chrome has available an add-on called "User Agent Switcher". This fine, wonderful utility can disquise the Chrome browser to appear as if it is IE to those "prejudicial websites" Of course if you do use it make sure you uncheck under "Appearances" the setting "Use System title bar and boarders". This applies to those of us using the fancy buttons and title bars such as from the themes "Adwaita Dark" and "Adwaita Cupertino SL" such as myself! Love the red, green and yellow buttons instead of the "traditional boring ones!" Of course I modified the "Adwaita Dark theme" to have those buttons! Anyway, am hoping this helps "newbies" like myself and keeps them out of the "problems I created". Sabayon9 is a great system and just want to make sure we all enjoy! Whenever I find something that can help will let people know. Am very grateful and extend my deepest thanks to "genfool" and "al-something" and I do apologize for that since the second person worked real hard with me to keep me on the right path!!! Next time will write his name down as he is a great person to take the time to help like that! Is another reason Sabayon9 is so great! Not only the developer is awesome but all its users are too! Thanks everyone!!

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