Sabayon accessed my Zune?

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Sabayon accessed my Zune?

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 23:10

Everyday this OS intrigues me more! I decided to see what would happen if I hooked my Zune up to it! Is really the only thing I miss from Windows. Yes I was foolish to think the Zune was going somewhere in technology! Hey we all make bad judgements sometimes, right? Anyway as I have spun thru many OS's and all went for a loop when hooking my Zune up, I was truly impressed and amazed that within 5 minutes Sabayon9 had accessed the contents. Now if I could find someone that could let me know how to play those contents sometimes. See once in a while I like to hear tunes on the computer and not be encumbered by earbuds. Also would like to transfer more music to the Zune without the hassles of the Zune programming. If anyone has one of these things, you would surely understand the hassles of the transfers! At times the entire Cd will transfer no problem and other times leave a few songs off! Guess is one of the main reasons they flopped so bad! Last OS I tried to access the Zune almost crashed and most came close to freezing up. So you want to talk about a rugged and useful system, this is surely it! Will appreciate it greatly if someone has some knowledge besides Virtualizing Windows or torturing Wine. Just would like to set it up for listening once in a while and don't want to destroy my hard drive and have every single file on it! (I burned a hard drive last year on Windows with 100gb of music!) All those file just seem to destroy the drive!
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